Angry Heart

by Enheduanna

Queen of all the me, radiant light, Life-giving woman, beloved of Heaven and Earth, Heirodule of An, much bejeweled, Who loves the life-giving tiara, fit for the high priesthood, Who grasps in her hand the seven me. My Queen, you who are the guardian of all the great me, you have lifted the me, have tied the me to your hands, Have gathered the me, pressed the me to your breast.

You have filled the land with venom like a dragon, Vegetation ceases when you thunder like Ishkur, you who bring down the Flood from the mountain, Supreme one, who are the queen of heaven and earth, Who rain flaming fire over the land, Who have been given the me by An, Queen who rides the beasts, Who at the holy command of An, utter s the word (divine), Who can fathom your great ordinances!

Destroyer of foreign lands, you have given wings to the storm, Beloved of Enlil, you made it blow over the land, You carried out the instructions of An.

My Queen, the foreign lands cower at your cry, In dread and fear of you, the South Wind, Mankind brought you their anguished outcry, Set up before you wailing and weeping, Brought before you the great lamentations in the city streets,

In the heat of battle, everything was struck down before you, My Queen, you are all devouring in your power, You kept on attacking like the attacking storm, Kept on blowing louder than the howling storm, Kept on moaning louder than the evil winds, Your feet grew not weary, You caused wailing to resound on the harp of lament.

My Queen, the Anunna, the great gods, Fled before you like fluttering bats, Could not stand before your awesome face, Could not approach your awesome forehead. Who can soothe your angry heart!