Bibliography For My Homepage Writings

I have included here only the books I have in my personal collection and have read (though probably forgot too!)

Babylon by Joan Oates No ISBN published by Thames & Hudson, London 1986

Epic Of Gilgamesh by NK Sanders No ISBN published by Penguin 1972 but reprinted 1995

From The Omens of Babylon by Michael Baigent No ISBN Arkana, Penguin 1994 From

The Poetry Of Sumer by Samuel Noah Kramer ISBN 0-520-03703-0 Uni of California Press 1979

Gods Demons And Symbols Of Ancient Mesoptamia by Jeremy Black, Anthony Green, Tessa Rickards ISBN 0-7141-1705-6 British Museum Press 1992

Harps That Once… by Thorkild Jacobsen ISBN 0-300-039069 Yale Uni Press 1987

Inanna, Queen of Heaven And Earth by Dianne Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer - I have lost the front page so I don't know the ISBN etc

Mari And Karana by Stephanie Dalley ISBN 0-582-78363-1 Longman Group 1984

Mesopotamian Myth by Henrietta McCall ISBN 0-7141-2063-4 published by British Museum 1990

Myths From Mesopotamia by Stephanie Dalley ISBN 0-19-281789-2 Oford Uni Press 1989

Religions of the Ancient Near East by Helmer Ringgren, translated by John Sturdy London, SPCK

Sacred Marriage Rite by Samuel Noah Kramer ISBN 253-35035-2 Indiana Uni Press 1969

Sumer and the Sumerians by Harriet Crawford ISBN 0-521-38175-4 Cambridge Uni Press 1991

Ur Of The Chaldees by C Leonard Woolley No ISBN Published by Ernset Benn Ltd 1950

Ur Of The Chaldees by PRS Moorey on Wooleleys work, ISBN 0-8014-1518-7 Cornell Uni Press 1982

Voices From The Clay by Silvestro Fiore No ISBN Uni of Oklahoma Press 1965