Hand Raising Hymn To Ishtar

Incantation: Heroic one, Ishtar; the immaculate one of the goddesses, Torch of heaven and earth, radiance of the continents, The goddess 'Lady of Heaven', first begotten of sin, first born of Ningal, Twin sister of …. The hero Shamash: Ishtar, you are Anu, you rule the heavens; With Enlil the counsellor you advise mankind; The Word, creator of liturgies and rituals of 'Handwashing'. ……. Where conversation takes place, you, loke Shamash, are paying attention, ……. You alter the fates, and an ill event becomes good; I have sought you amongst the gods;supplicants are offered to you; To you among the goddesses I have turned, with the intent to make entreaty, Before you is a shedu, behind you a lamassu, At your right is Justice, at your left Goddness, Fixed on your head are Audience, Favour, Peace, Your sides are encompassed with Life nad Well Being; How good it is to pray to you, how blessed to be heard by you! Your glanc4e is Audience, your utterance is the Light. Have pity on me, O Ishatr! Order my prospering! Glance on me in affirmation! Accept my liturny! …….. I have borne your yoke; set tranquility! I have sought your brightness; may my face be bright. I have turned to your dominion; may it be life and well being for me. May I have a favourable shedu like that before you; May I have a lamassu like that which goes behind you. May I garner the prosperity at your right hand, May I attain to the favour at your left hand. …….. Lengthen my days, bestow life! Let me live, let me be well, let me procalim your divinity. Let me achieve what I desire…..

The text also mentions to : Before Ishtar you shall set a censor with juniper wood; you shall pour a gruel libation, you shall recite the 'hand raising' three times, you shall do obesance.