Hymn To Ishtar

To thee I cry, O lady of the gods, Lady of ladies, goddess without peer, Ishtar who shapes the lives of all mankind, Thou stately world queen, sovereign of the sky, And lady ruler of the host of heaven- Illustrious is thy name … O light divine, Gleaming in lofty splendour o'er the earth - Heroic daughter of the moon, oh! Hear : Thou dost control our weapons and award In battles feirce the victory at will - crown'd majestic Fate. Ishtar most high, Who art exalted over all the gods, Thou bringest lamentation: thou dost urge With hostile hearts our brethren to the fray: The gist of strength is thine for thou art strong: Thy will is urgent, brooking no delay: Thy hand is violent, thou queen of wat Girded with battle and enrobed in fear… Thou sovereign wielder of the wand of Doom, The heavens and earth are under thy control.

Adored art thou in every sacred place, In temples, holy dwellings, and in shrines, Where is thy name not lauded? Where thy will Unheeded and thine images not made? Where are thy temples not upreared? O, where Art thou not mighty, peerless and supreme?

Anu and Bel and Ea have three raised To rank supreme, in majesty and power, They have established thee above the gods And all the host of heaven… O stately queen, At the thought of thee the world is filled with fear, The gods in heaven quake, and on the earth All spirits pause, and all mankind bow down With reverence for thy name.. O Lady Judge, Thy ways are jut and holy: thou dost gaze On sinners with compassion, and each morn Leadest the wayward to the rightful path.

Now linger not, but come! O goddess fair, Shepherdess of all, thou drawest nigh With feet unwearied… Thou dost break the bonds Of these thy handmaids… When thou stoopest over The dying with compassion, lo! They live: And when the sick behold thee they are healed.

Hear me, thy servant! Harken to my prayer, For I am full of sorrow and I sigh In sore distress: weeping, on thee I wait. Be merciful, my lady, pity take And answer, "'tis enough and be appeased".

How long must my heart make sorrow and moan And restless be? How long must my dark home Be filled with mourning and my heart with grief? Lioness of heaven, bring me peace And rest and comfort. Hearken to my prayer! Is anger pity? May thine eyes look down With tenderness and blessings and behold Thy servant. Oh! Have mercy: hear my cry And unbewitch me from the evil spells, That I may see thy glory.. Oh! How long Shall these, my foes, pursue me, working ill, And robbing me off joy?… Oh! How long Shall these demons encompass me about and cause Affliction without end?… I thee adore - The gift of strengths is thine, and thou art strong - The weakly are made strong, yet I am weak… hear me! I am glutted with my grief - This flood of grief by evil winds distressed: My heart has fled me like a bird on wings, And like the dove I moan . Tears from mine eyes Are falling as the rain from the heaven falls, And I am destitute and full of woe