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Warning : My former Inanna site had alot more detail, but it was destroyed. Here is what I could salvage. These pages will be updated sometime late 2005 when I get time to get back to my reading.

For those who believe Inanna is a goddess of romantic love and mother goddess,

I ask you respectfully to leave my site. Next thing you'll be saying Freyja is a goddess of romance.

Coming soon: - An Introduction to Inanna for the uninitiated or those overpolluted by Wicca (Mother Goddess my foot!)

Sumerian Links out of here!

People who have been most kind in providing answers to questions on aspects of Sumeria.

Catherine Yronwode

Twin Rivers Rising Site run by Adapa including a dictionary and some myths and discussions.

Swets & Zeitlinger here you will find back copies of the Journal Of Cuneiform Studies

Michelle Hart's Enheduanna pagehere you will find discussion on the Priestess Enheduanna

Chrono's Convoluted Theory on Inanna

I have written this page, and therefore the transcriptions to go with it, as an exercise in understanding. I have been quite bemused as to various interpretations on Inanna, and ancient gods in general, so have written an essay on just how swing out you can go, and yet stick to the facts, ma'am. I do not necessarily believe what I have written, but as I wrote, things came out, so I have discussed them as I went. You will find points inconsistent with each other, and with the facts. Some things are my interpretation, and some are gut feeling.

However, you may find points to make you think. And at this point the whole thing is still really really sketchy.

This bit is very messy at the moment.

Preface & Introduction

Discussion on Descent

Text in the following sub titles are supporting documents refered to in the main text of my convolutions. A bibliography rounds out the essay.

Notes on the following

My own thoughts in the texts are written in square brackets thus: [my thoughts], otherwise these documents are extracts from the books listed in the bibliography. (sometimes they have square brackets, but usually the difference is obvious). They are exact copies, as to the best of my typing ability. Spelling mistakes abound.

Remember to have your wits about you as read, because over time things changed. Someones daughter today was someone elses tomorrow, so relationships changed.

Hymns To Inanna

I will eventually add on the bibliography and notes and some discussion to each story. Please be patient.

This first seven are from Diane Wolkstein's book on Inanna [I think they are a smoothing of the actual texts]

Holy One

Holy Priestess

The Joy Of Sumer

The Lady Who Ascends Into Heaven

The Lady Of The Evening

The Lady Of The Morning

The Loud Thundering Storm!

Unedited texts

Angry Heart by Enheduanna.

The Lady Of the Evening 2 Part of series of hymns, from Kramer's book The Poetry of Sumer.

The Lady of The Morning 2 Part of series of hymns, from Kramer's book The Poetry of Sumer.

Hand Raising Hymn

Hymn To Ishtar

Holy Priestess Of Heaven

Inanna's Self Praise from Religions of the Ancient Near East, written by Enheduanna?

Inninshagurra fragments only, by Enheduanna Complete text wanted, please!

Ninmesharra - Enheduanna's plea

Venus Hymn fragment of text from Religions of the Ancient Near East

The Myths of Inanna/Ishtar

Slowly being transcribed. (And very messy at times too!)

Dumuzi Associated Myths

Courtship of Dumuzi from Wolkstein's book on Inanna.

Courtship of Dumuzi from Samuel Noah Kramer's The Sacred Marriage Rite. A broad discussion on the topic. Not finished.

Dumuzi's Wedding from Jacobsen's book The Harps That Once

Inanna and Geshtinanna from the Jacobsen's book The Harps That Once

Inanna's Lament of Dumuzi fragment of lament.

Let Him Come! Let Him Come! from Jacobsen's book The Harps That Once

Unfaithfulness from Jacobsen's book The Harps That Once

The Wiles Of Women from Jacobsen's book the Harps That Once


Other Myths

The Curse Of Agade summary only Complete text wanted, please!

Descent Of Inanna from Wolkstein's book on Inanna

Descent of Ishtar from Stephanie Dalley's book Myths Of Mesopotamia.

Huluppu Tree Part 1 from Wolkstein's book on Inanna.

Inanna and Ebih fragments only Complete text wanted, please!

Inanna and Enki The quest for the holy me! from Wolkstein's book.

Inanna's Lament from Kramer's book From The Poetry of Sumer.

The New House from Jacobsen's book The Harps That Once...

Numun Plant from Kramer's book From The Poetry of Sumer.

Shukalletuda the gardener. Summary only Complete text wanted, please!


Non Inanna Texts

Interesting non-associated texts.

The Courier Text of maids courier returning home. From Kramer's Poetry of Sumer.

Shu-Sin hymn to Shu-Sin from Kramer's book the Sumerians.

Bibliography and Notes

Bibliography Books I have read to use on the above writings.

Concepts and meanings Sumerian words explained as used in the above works, and other places too!

Cults And Priests Terms and discussion on the cults and priests of Sumer.


Temples Discussion on Sumerian temples. (Not Available yet)

Sumerian Astrology (Not Available yet)

Help With Inanna Texts

Help! My questions needing answers.

Seeing what evil you have done to your friend, what will you do to your enemy? - Sumerian proverb!

Inanna Graphics Page

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