by Enheduanna

I only have references to it

In this myth Enheduanna declares that Inanna rivals the great An, [line 1] that the gods crawl before her words and An does not dare proceed against her command [lines 5-6] and that without Inanna the great An has not made a decision, Enlil has not determined destiny [line 14]. Enheduanna portrays Inanna ascendant, sitting on the seat of An and Enlil [line 97] and explains how she achieved this position- because of his fear of Inanna, An let Inanna take her seat in his dwelling place, and handed to her his great ordinances [line 106]. In this version of the text, when Inanna makes a decree, An and Enlil back it up [lines 197-207]

This fragment may be from this myth…

'… she is sovereign, she is the lady of the lands, In the Apsu of Eridu she has received authority to make decisions, Her father Enki has given it to her, The high priesthood of kingship he has put in her hand. With Anu, in the great shrine, she has set a dwelling for herself, With Enlil in his land [Sumer] she fixes destiny. Monthly at the new moon, in order to make proper the divine order, The gods of the land of Sumer assemble before her, The great Anunna do do reverence to her, My Lady pronounces the judgment of the land in their presence…'