The Wieneke Saddle Challenge of 1904

By Chronofus - 6/12/2001

This is an extract from the Western Stars of the time covering the saddle challenge between Wieneke and Tredenick.

Western Star 20th July 1904

Results of the Roma Show - Saddlery
Set shaft harness - M.J. Johnston
Set leading harness - M.J. Johnston
Hogskin saddle - G Wieneke 2 exhibits
Stock saddle - G Wieneke 5 exhibits

I hereby challenge Mr. George Wieneke to send the Stock Saddle (for which he has been awarded first prize at the Roma Show) with the Stock Saddle which I exhibited to Messrs Butler Bros, of Brisbane, the two saddles there to be judged by any two Brisbane Saddlers who may be selected by Messrs B/utler Bros.
Each of us to deposit £5, to be awarded to whoever gains first prize.

Western Star July 23th, 1904 (August?? - needs verifying)

Reply to Challenge

In reference to the challenge issued by James Tredenick, appearing in Wednesday's "Star", I am willing to accept it so far as it relates to sending the saddles away from Roma to be judged, provided that the exhibit is made exactly as it was at the Roma Show, that is, Mr. Tredenick exhibits his four stock saddles against my two, and that the saddles are sent to Toowoomba or Brisbane show to be judged. My deposit of £5 has been handed to the editor of the "Star" and I agree that the money shall go to the Roma Hospital in the event of the judge's decision being against me. I am also willing to increase the account of the stakes to £ 20, the last £ 5 to go to the hospital.
George Weineke

Western Star 3rd August 1904

Answer to Messr Carmichael Bros re their Challenge
I am sorry for these gentlemen that the judge's verdict in my favour upset them. But, really now, is that their only reason for appearing as champions to Mr Tredenick? In their challenge they protect their £25 by stating "under conditions to be mutually agreed upon." Mr Tredenick and I are unlikely to agree when he refuses as judges those appointed by the Toowoomba or Brisbane Associations, but insists on naming on particular wholesale firm as judge.
That settles the above. If they are over-confident, perhaps this will appear a soft thing. I will stake £10 against their £25, and will undertake to build a stock saddle with their man, and will allow them these concessions:- I will tie one eye up, allow them to make all arrangements, pick their own judges, but the latter must be tradesmen of known repute. This offer is open for one week. After that the whole matter is closed as far as I am concerned. My deposit will be found at the "Star" office. Geo. Wieneke

Answer to Mr Tredenick
I decline to go further, as he refused my offer to send the exhibits to Association judges. Mr Tredenick should take his beating like a man. I note the following words in his challenge: "and further, that I myself make my own saddles." I suppose this is an insinuation I do not make mine. I would never dream of doubting Mr Tredenick's word. Judging by his output, and the quality of them, I quite believe it. Geo Wieneke.

Western Star, Wednesday 31st August 1904

To Mr George Wieneke
Saddler, Roma
We, the undersigned, were much surprised at your pompous challenge to Mr Tredenick which appeared in the "star" of the 3rd, and which reads as follows:-
I will stake £10 against their £25 and will undertake to build a Stock Saddle with their man and I will allow them these conditions; I will tie one eye up, allow them to make all arrangements, pick their own judges, but the latter must be tradesmen of known repute. This offer is open for one week, after that the whole matter is closed. My deposit will be found at the "Star" office.
Now, sir, a man issuing a challenge with conditions in a public Press must be prepared to stand to such challenge and conditions. Our representative, Messrs WB Murphy and M Shanahan, waited upon the editor of the "Star" with our £25 in their hands, and to their dismay were told that not a penny piece of your money was lodged there. In the face of the above boast, this demands an explanation from you. And to further complicate matters you issued your challenge on the 3rd and you flew to Brisbane on the 4th, well knowing you would not be back in the limitation of time which governed your windy challenge. However, our £25 was there and then genuinely lodged with the editor of the "Star" to await your return. Of course you thought your bluff in the "Star" would stop us, but let us assure you we are not made of the stuff of which funk sticks are composed, for you can have more money on the result if you so desire. You must reply to the above, or crawl down. As the conditions (which we accept) were framed and published by yourself, and are now public property, so surely a man with your dignity would not allow it to be lowered in the eyes of the general public? If you are sorry for the conditions you put into print, we will meet you on more favourable terms for yourself. You need not tie up on eye. We will stake £25 against your £20, allowing you both your eyes - and you will want them all, - that Mr Tredenick can beat you at making a Stock Saddle, or any other class of Saddle for that matter, and we can assure you that, if you are game to take it on (which we very much doubt), as you are now trying to shuffle out of what you have committed to print. We meanto keep you to it, or show the public the stuff of which you are made. We mean business, and want you to mean the same. Although your actions since your return are bordering on "funk", we accept your challenge and conditions as it appears in the "Star". Our £25 is still available; put in your £10 which you were cute enough not to lodge before going away, well knowing it would be covered. You issue a challenge and say your £10 will be found in the "Star" office, when you knew you had not a penny there, as your money was never up. We want you to explain this. Country readers of the "Star" will, of course, think your money was really lodged in the office. It is false and misleading. Should you fail to reply to this, we are determined to keep the matter before all "Star" readers, and show you that you cannot throw out a challenge indiscriminately and then be allowed to crawl out of them how and when you choose.
Re it not being our only reason for appearing as champions for Mr Tredenick, we pass your sarcastic hint by with the contempt it deserves.
We must take exception to your insult to Mr Tredenick, which reads thus:- I would never dream of doubting Mr Tredenick'' word that he makes his own saddles, judging by his output and the quality of them, I quite believe it." This we consider contemptible, and only worthy of a man who issues a challenge and then backs down. However, no matter what your opinions are; our £25 speaks. All we want is your tenner put up at the "Star" office, and no skite. Surely our £25 to your £10 is odds enough. To put the matter in a nutshell, we accept your challenge and conditions, and demand your money up without delay. Carmichael Bros. Timor, 20th August 1904

Further successes for Geo Wieneke since the Roma Show.
Dalby 1st prize for Gent's Hokskin saddle [their spelling]
Dalby 1st prize for Best Stock Saddle
Toowoomba, 1st prize for Gent's Hogskin Saddle
Brisbane, 1st prize for Gent's Hogskin Saddle
Brisbane 1st prize (special) for Anglo-Australian Park Saddle
Brisbane, 1st prize for Best Stock Saddle (any pattern)
Brisbane, 1st prize for Breaking in Saddle
Brisbane, 1st prize (special) for Stock Saddle built to Specifications
Including Roma, Geo Wieneke put in Eleven (11) Exhibits and secured Ten (10) First prizes, which ought to establish a Record when it is taken into consideration the short space of time and the number of places exhibited.