Roma Writer's Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Roma Writers Group.

The group is an eclectic mix of individuals within the town of Roma that meet monthly to share their creative works along with some general conversation. We are neither a chardonnay nor latte set, prefering instead to starve to death than be labelled.

There is no set membership, no fees, constitution, no leadership or other forms of micro management, and if you don't show up, we only send dogs to track you down. We listen to everything people bring along, from genuine newspaper freelance stories to creative & obtuse poetry, as well as traditional short and long stories and notes on the facts of life.

Meetings are held the first Monday of every month, and at the moment meetings are held at the Bowls Club at 7PM.

Dates shown on listings are dates of upload of the file, not the date of writing which may or may not be listed on the actual document. All documents are copyright the owners.

Members/Attendees (in alphabetical order only)

Bowden, David (email)

de Mere, Chronofus (email)

Duenas, Loree

Currie, Estelle (email)

Fitzgerald, David & Cilla (email)

Goleby, Lee (email)

Keegan, Peter (email)

Kelly, F. Robert

Kupfer, Emma

Lister, Erika (email)

Page, Laura (email)

Waters, Shauna (email)or (email)