Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


Dream a dream of wishing,
Dream a dream of wisdom,
Dream of modern magic,
Dream of your own little kingdom.

For whatever you may dream,
Bout the future or the past,
No matter how bad it may seem,
At least you can always wake up!

Is you dream a vision,
Of something yet to be?
Or it just your simple mind,
Be affected by reality?

However they may happen,
However they come about,
Never, ever expect to understand them all,
Or ever work them all out.

Dreams sometimes interpret your life,
How good it will be tomorrow,
Or how it will end in strife,
But then maybe not!

Are they of a life,
In another time?
Are they of a love,
So grud damned sublime?

There are many people, who say,
They can interpret,
The nightly dreams,
You always get.

Just beware my friend,
If you ever reach the top,
Cause the stress and the pressure,
May just cause them to stop!

Dream a little dream of wishing..


© F R Kelly 1999