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March 4th 1972.

A police car silently pulls up at a service station, one of the two officers get out of the car and walks into the service station while his partner puts some juice in the cruiser.
The officer pays for the petrol; he buys a can of drink and a chocolate and gets back in the driver's seat. After drinking his drink he starts up the car, the radio/ C.B buzzes to life "car 49, respond car 49!"

The officer picks up the mike and answers "car 49, responding here, what's up base?"

"Car 49 report to Sand Down shopping centre, recorded possible break and enter in progress".

"Car 49 here, roger that", there is a pause then "over and out".

The officer closes his door, puts his seat belt on, and with a screech of tyres, speeds off to the scene of the crime.

At Sand Down shopping centre it is all quiet except for the sound of goods being thrown everywhere, outside the police car quietly pulls to a halt and the officer gets out of the car, sees the main door open and decides to call for backup. Mainly because of the way the doors have been ripped out and lay crumpled like old aluminium cans.

He then walks into the shopping centre and turns on his flashlight, as he is walking through the centre, he notices one of the shops has an outline of a beast of some kind in what is left of the stores window.

He enters the shop and shines his flashlight around the inside of the shop; he sees a figure move through to the back of the shop and goes after it.

Meanwhile the other officer starts wondering what happened to his partner. It has been half an hour; he enters the centre and finds the shop. He enters and sees the flashlight on the ground pointing to the storage area; he goes to pick it up when the terrible truth strikes him. Quite literally, before he has a chance to run a claw shoots out of the darkness and grabs him, the only sound that follows in the centre is a blood-curdling scream.

An hour later we, that is four police officers and I arrive at where the policeman's car is parked. We checked the car with our lights, no sign of the officers, the cars driver's side door is wide open, the headlights are still on and the mike for the C.B is hanging down.

About twenty minutes later we are searching the shop where, it seems the break in happened. As we searched for the officers and the thief with guns drawn, we find signs of a struggle along with a trail of what we all assumed to be blood.

EIt was a trail that leads to a door to the back of the shop, as we follow it, we wonder more and more what happened. As we rounded a corner we saw a ghastly sight.

One of the police officers or what was left of him was in a pool of blood on the ground, his body mangled and viciously ripped apart beyond all recognition. There was an arm here, a leg there etc.
The second one was hanging upside down from a beam, his intestines hanging out; his leg is ripped to shreds, exposing the chewed up and bloody bone. There was a hole in his skull and his partially eaten brain could be seen. Half his skin on his face was gone showing the tissue underneath, his right eye was hanging half a centimetre out of his socket.

There was also a giant hole in his side, and his gore-covered ribs showed, slash marks covered what wasn't covered by his ripped, torn clothing. His face was a picture of pure fear and terror, frozen like a photo. We were horrified at the sight that was before us.

We then figured out this wasn't any normal break and enter type thief, this was something we didn't really understand.

What were we dealing with?

CH 1

September 22nd, 1995.

This a report on a paranormal case written by Sargent Jonathon O'Rourke, I am writing this report 23 yrs after the incident because it has taken me that long to get through shock therapy (that is therapy for massive amounts of shock not electroshock therapy like they use in asylums). My partners didn't get out so easily, two are still in therapy, one in an asylum, the other, here, my fourth partner quit and left town for good, and I haven't heard of him since. And the fifth died of a massive coronary attack a month later. He couldn't handle the aftershock of what he'd seen.
Since the incident the centre has been quiet. I have now been put on a squad to keep check on the beast.

Report dated 22/9/95
Time; 2:25 P.M

Sargent O'Rourke.

I couldn't believe I'd be here again. Back at Sand Down shopping centre, it looked different during the daytime. As I walked through the main door I remembered what it had looked like on that night.

It had taken three weeks to clean up the mess and fix the damages; the centre had to be shut down because the blood was everywhere.

I walked past a department store and turned right at a junction, I walked down a slope and looked left and saw the walkway that lead to the shop of the incident.

This time though, it was a different monster I was chasing. It was a perfume monster, and it was a different terror I knew I would be experiencing if I got my wife the wrong one. I had to buy my wife a birthday present. I went to the perfume counter of the shop and rang the bell.

A lady who seemed to be in her mid twenties and who was very highly attractive came up and said "yes sir, how can I help you?"

I answered with a start "well for one thing, tell me what an absolutely gorgeous thing like you is doing in a place like this?" she just blushed and exclaimed "please, you'll embarrass me!"

I apologised and asked her "what was the newest stuff on the shelf, you know the most bought stuff?"

As she pondered the thought I studied her slim, yet full bodied and very feminine figure and understood why the people who ran the store hired her.

She had come back during my daze and bought back a small bottle of purple liquid. She stated with a husky, sexy and alluring voice "this is Oblivion, it's a new scent from France with a smell of fresh boomed flowers". She put a squirt on her wrists and as I smelt it immoral thoughts of her doing a slow strip tease in front of me passed through my head.

It got to the part where she was just about to lose her underwear when she interrupted with "sir, what do you think?"

I decide to ask the price.

Well, let just say that feathers have never been heavy but I think I could've been knocked over with one when I heard the price. It 75 dollars for that small little thing.

Anyway I decided to buy it, even though it pained me to spend so much.

I started my shift at 12 P.M that same day and it was all-quiet until about 11 P.M when I got a call to go to the hospital to report on a mugging.

I arrived at the outpatient's arrival centre at 11:30 and spoke to the head nurse; I then went to the area where the attackee was being treated for their injuries.

I walked past the drawn curtain of the first bed and turned my head to see it empty, I then noticed a lady with long, silky, blonde hair, sitting with her back to me.

Even though I couldn't see her face I knew who she was. She turned to face me with her head down and my beliefs were confirmed, she then looked up and I saw the mark on her face. It wasn't horrible, but on a face of such beauty it was grotesque. I took off my hat and sat next to her and said

"I heard about the attack but I didn't think it would be you!" she tried to smile but I suppose it was hard for her.

I opened a vanilla folder I had bought with me and took out an Assault/ Physical Assault/ Mugging report form; (we just called them A.P.A.M. F's). And I filled out my part, like officer name, time of start of report and date, I then asked her for the first item on her part, her name.

She answered in a soft voice "Sarah Jane Van Harlan, age 25, address 25 Old Brookefield Rd, Sand Down".

I wrote this info down as she spoke it. I then said "now for the hard part, about what time was the attack and where and anything else you can tell me".

She started "I was finishing packing and closing up the perfume counter at 10 P.M, the main doors were closed so I had to go out the back way. Usually I have a lady form lingerie come down and see me too my car but she was sick and forgot to tell her replacement. You see at my store we are taught to look out for our workmates. So when we leave we leave in two's, in case of an event like this.

Anyway I was walking through the loading dock and I was passing a mirror when I se a flash of light behind me in the packing room. Where the parcels get wrapped for pick-up, I knew there was a security post in there and thought it might be the night guard".
I interrupted for a second and asked "so, was it the night guard?"

She sniffed back a tear so I gave her my hanky and she blew her nose and answered "no, it wasn't, I went about two steps into the room and saw this 7½, maybe 8 foot tall thing, with glowing red eyes.

I sort of figured it couldn't be human so I started to turn to walk away or run, hoping it hadn't noticed me, it had" she explained.

"Just as I started to turn, I saw a shiny thing come flying at me. The next thing I knew I had this" and she pointed to the left side of her face, "scratch, and then I finished turning and ran like the wind, I don't know if it came after me or not but I got out of there as quick as possible".

I wrote all Sarah said in the proper form and put the time of finish of interview. I said to her "I am sorry to hear about your ordeal and I'll do what I can about your attacker but going on what I've got I don't think it's going to be easy to catch this guy".

She turned to me as I was getting up off the bed and asked "Officer O'Rourke, do you think I'm beautiful, even with this?"

I sat beside her again and thinking very carefully answered, "well yes of course you're beautiful, and that is only a small flesh wound, it will heal without a scar".

She turned again and with our faces only centimetres apart, said "thankyou that's all I wanted to know" and then before I knew what was happening, our mouths were locked in a passionate embrace. She was kissing me, I was kissing her, and our arms were around each other. I realised what I was doing and decided to get off that bed mighty quick before I did something I might regret. She asked of me before I disappeared back the way I came, "what's wrong? I thought you wanted me, and liked me?"

I admitted to myself and to her "I do, but there's one problem, I'm married to a very beautiful, very lovely lady" I then walked away.

Back at the station I added this new report to the file marked "PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS".

CH 2


Two days later I was officially put in charge of the investigation into the two incidents, I was given a file to add to my own.

I wasn't surprised at what I found in the file, I found during the time I was in therapy there were five other incidents at Sand Down including paranormal and unexplained attacks.

I decided that this meant that the incidents were connected in some strange way, but how?

I didn't feel like going home that night, the thoughts of my secret embrace haunted me like a vengent ghost.

After a freezing night in my car I looked like something the Cat had dragged in.

I decided my first place of investigation would be a clairvoyant, I didn't usually believe in them but I needed answers.

The sign read "Madam Shepardou's House of Intrigue", it was a tent, sort of thing set up in her backyard. I entered through the flaps and rang the bell on the table.

A lady who resembled your average stereotype Gypsy came through a curtain and asked me "yes, officer how can I help you?" Read your palm?"

I answered "no thanks" and then stated "what I am here for is to find some answers on a very extraordinary case I'm working on, I will be willing to pay by the hour for whatever services you can help with".

She scratched her chin and answered "ok officer I'll do what I can, once I find out what the problem is".

I decided to start from the beginning so I did. While I was telling the tale up until now I watched as her face changed expressions like a clock's hands changing positions.

After I'd finished I waited while she though about what to do.

She turned to me, after a minute or two and exclaimed "this shopping centre must have disturbed a dimensional barrier or door and opened a gateway to another dimension, but the only way to be sure is to go to the centre with my disturbance equipment.

This centre was becoming like a magnet and kept drawing me back.

We arrived at the centre just after dark. We met with a night watchman, who I had rang before coming and he let us in. We went straight to the shop where the incidents had happened, as soon as we entered the shop, the clairvoyant fell to the ground with her hands over her head. I quickly rushed to help her back up and query about whether or not she was ok? She just answered "yes, I'm fine, I just got hit by some sort of psychic wave, and a powerful one at that".

When we reached the entrance to the store rooms and loading docks the psychic reached into her bag and pulled out a device which sort of looked like a mobile phone with two really weird aerials. She pressed the one button and some sort of blue electric beam pulsed like heartbeat reader, between the two aerials.

I decided to ask what it was, "it's sort of like a spectrometer", was her answer "except that it doesn't track spectres, it tracks openings in the dimensional barriers all around us" she added.

I asked, "why do you say that these barriers are what they are?"

She answered "because they are to stop any foreign or unknown thing from entering our dimension or reality and messing things up. There are terrible, horribly horrifying things out there that the world is not supposed to know about. Demons, and such terrifying things like that".

Suddenly the thing started to beep wildly, she turned on the directional compass and it pointed to the right, she turned to me and said, "well this proves there is an opening, and a big one".

I had found the cause of the appearances but what to do about it.

I figured that out after deciding to visit the "other side" of the portal, if I could figure out how to open it.

CH 3


I was lucky I knew the security guard and night watchmen of the centre and the store in question and they let me in, mainly because I told them I was doing an investigation.

I approached the loading dock are very cautiously, so far nothing, I looked around the corner and all was still but not for long!

After we had left the shopping centre and went back to the psychic's house we went about trying to formulate a plan. I had said it was simple, go back to the centre alone and wait for the door to reopen, then enter and find out what was on the other side. And find out how to close it for good.

So here I was. I had only just entered the packaging room when I had to jump behind a pile of boxes. The reason for my hiding was that, in the middle of the room a giant (at least 10 Ft tall and seven-Ft wide) circular door or tunnel had opened, it stood from roof to floor (vertically) and the inside looked like a spiralling vortex.

Then out of it stepped two, what I would describe as half men, half Goat type creatures. Each looked just as evil as the other, as they came out of the portal and looked around one said, "I'm sure the boss said he detected some one near the door". The other then said, "nah, must've been a Cat or something", as they said this I quickly crept behind them and into the portal and the things I saw on the other side!

CH 4


After the demon men re-entered the portal and spread wings I didn't know they had, and then flew off, I stood up and looked around.

In the sky, clouds darker than a daytime eclipse covered the dark, gloomy, dead wasteland. The only sound I heard was a massive rumbling like that of a thousand tanks, coming from the seemingly endless flow of burnt pot, black clouds.

The scenery was definitely not worth putting in your holiday snaps. The trees were wilting and dead; there was no grass, no plants of any kind. The only thing apart from the few trees that was visible for miles around was the hundreds of thousands of tombstones. I looked everywhere but saw only graves.

As I started walking towards an arch I had only just noticed.

Mainly because it was way off in the distance, a hand or rather a skeletal hand reached up out of a grave and grabbed my ankle and tripped me over, and then before I could react more skeletal hands reached up and grabbed my other movable parts, (Legs, arms etc).

Even though they were made of bones these hands were quite strong and I couldn't move.

They held me down until those two flying freaks came and picked me up to take me to their master, wherever he might be.

We flew for quite a while; the scenery under me changed as quickly as the wind changed direction.

I was uncannily lucky that I was picked up when I was, because a bolt of lightning struck and set the dead tree I had been tripped next to ablaze.

I looked back and watched as the fire quickly devoured the dead tree.

As we flew I noticed a light on the horizon, at first it was dim like a sun that had just set but the light hadn't yet faded. We flew on and on and the light kept getting brighter.

I noticed that even though we were flying at a great speed there wasn't a wist of wind. Actually instead of getting colder it was getting hotter. Like being on a turtle speed conveyor belt heading for an oven. It was then that I saw why, and what I saw was like anything beyond belief.

As I passed over I saw hundreds of thousands of souls all in chains that burnt and scarred their beings. Each one was in a pit, each had a pick and each was breaking rocks. Like hard time criminals, as they broke a rock, and the pieces scattered those pieces reformed and made more, or if there were no pieces then another would appear and the process would start again.

While all this was happening, demons with whips of fire, whipped them continuously. The unending moaning and groaning of their suffering was almost unbearable.


I looked up and noticed that I was getting closer to a giant throne of sorts, all around the sides were flame lit torches, at the base a pair of perfectly straight lines of winged demons waited.

We landed just in front of the throne and the demons held onto me like I would escape at any moment, but where to I have no idea.

Then as I watched, two torches at the base of the throne, torches that I hadn't seen, blew a shower of sparks and flame. And from the below the ground a screen with opening door in the middle rose up to ground level.

At the instant that this happened all the creatures in the two lines got down on their hands and knees and bowed down. I was prompted the demons to do the same, but I wouldn't. I looked around and saw all but three imprisoned souls doing the bowing thing. The three that weren't were obviously following my example.

Even though this display pleased me it did not please the thing behind the door, for a low, mean, evil, grumbling sound could be heard.

The door opened and out stepped a silhouette, as it approached I realised more and more that I knew it.

CH 5


I realised that I recognised those long, twin, pointy horns and that disgusting stereotyped goatee beard and that wavy moustache. But I think it was this half demon half Goat snickered and uproariously laughed that made me say "you! You demons son of a bitch!"

"Lucifer" to you", the Devil said to me, before asking "what's wrong O'Rourke, don't you just love this place?"

I promised myself I would not get angry with this mind-controlling bastard who had wrecked millions of lives for fun. I figured that being in his sickening presence, getting angry would only get me in deeper trouble.

I decided to answer his question though "if you really want to know Satan, I hate hell and if I could figure out a way I would destroy your doorway to my world and ruin whatever slimy little plan you have up your sleeve".

The demon king just threw back his head and evilly laughed like the maniacal clown that he is. He then turned and flew up onto his throne.

As soon as he was seated he pressed some sort of button and a guard demon with prisoner in chains rose up out of the ground from where he had been standing. The guard let the prisoner go and returned to where he had come from.

I recognised the prisoner as one of the ones who had not bowed down to the Devil.

The Devil pointed to him and said to me "you see this prisoner Mr O'Rourke? He defied me, and so did you. And I would do the same to you as I am about to do to him, but only for the fact that if I did, that old bloody geezer upstairs would send angels down to collect you and I would have lost the chance to take your soul!"

The Devil then laughed and sent a bolt of searing flame towards the prisoner and watched as he burned slowly and then turned to ash.

I turned at the last minute so I wouldn't have to watch the poor souls last ounce of suffering.

The Devil looked at me again and said "since you're not going anywhere at the moment, I'll tell you my plan. You see I couldn't figure out a way to get my demons in to your dimension, so I opened a doorway to your world to test how it would work, one that had been disturbed by the building of the shopping centre. It would not have found if it wasn't for my pet, "Destruction" (that really was his pet's name).

The plan was to strengthen the door so all my demons would be able to invade the Earth and destroy all good".

I interrupted here "so you decided to start Armageddon early?"

The Devil just smiled, which to me, answered my question.

Then as if reading my mind, he said "don't worry Mr O'Rourke, I will send you back just before we come through, that way you can try to stop us or warn humanity, but neither will work and the inter-dimensional door way can not be destroyed so hah!"

When I came to I was back in police car, I looked at my watch, either it had stopped or I had only spent five minutes in Hell!

Two days later I was back at the clairvoyants telling her about my trip.

"It's a gate or dimensional doorway alright" I said to her "it's a gate to hell itself!"

The clairvoyant said to me "yes I believe you, it all adds up, the appearances of the beast and so forth".

"And there's more" I quickly stated "the dark lord himself told me that in a few days he and his army will come through and reek havoc amongst the living, so we must find a way to destroy the door, but I don't know how and he said it's impossible".

The clairvoyant spoke up "there is two ways, so he was wrong. One, we must cast an item of extremely pure nature, something that has not been touched by the evils of this world, into the eye of the vortex, just as the dark forces are entering. If we do this at the right time, the vortex will self destruct taking the forces with it".

I thought about what things of absolute purity could be used but nothing came to mind.

I decided to ask for advice on what to use 'okay that's an idea, but what items of pure nature can be found within two or three days?"

She pondered my question for a minute then answered "well, the first ever Bible, any other would not work because of time and differing religions have changed it to suit their own purposes and translated it to whatever way they wanted.

If not that the covenant of God, or a drop of a new -born babies blood in a test tube with a lid. But the lid must be loose enough to fall off with the slightest bit of force".

I sat quietly contemplating the items and commented "you don't ask for much do you? I mean THE first EVER Bible, yeah like that's in every bookstore in town. And/or the covenant of God, hang hasn't the museum got that? Or maybe I've got a spare one in my shed.

And still steamed I continued "and third a drop or bit of a newborn babies blood. What do I look like, a doctor who does pregnancies?"

She looked at me with an amused look then said "if you're finished, there is one other way, but it's a long shot".

With extreme amounts of excitement in my voice I practically screamed at her "what is it, I WANT TO KNOW NOW!"

She got a cloth and wiped away the spray that was all over her face. She then said "well the door is supported by the centre if we can knock it out the door will crumble and disintegrate. So we'll need highly explosive materials like T.N.T, C4, Nitro etc. we then place this throughout the centre including around the door, and make sure to use enough to blow that centre to kingdom come.

And last but not least we blow the place".

I thought about blowing the Devil to kingdom come and agreed to do it.

CH 6


About 700 kg's of T.N.T were needed to blow the centre, it was hard finding that amount of explosive but luckily I had informants with connections in the underworld (not Hell). One of them didn't have T.N.T but he did have a few kg's of nitroglycerine, so I took it any way.

I had a pan-tech hire truck deliver the goods to the centre one before the invasion.

I then placed the highly explosive materials around the inside of the centre, as I did I thought to myself "if this doesn't leave nought but dust of this place then nothing will.

Even though I had absolute! Confidence in the T.N.T, I decided to add forty kg's of timer set C4 plastic explosive, and a few hundred hand grenades, gun powder, petrol, diesel, Nitrogen and of course a land mine or a hundred.

These were all set to an overall timer.

We, that is the clairvoyant and I, sat there the next day from the time the sun arose. I knew that the invasion was today but I didn't know what time.

The reason for my bringing the clairvoyant was to tell me when they were near the gate, when they got close enough I would activate the fire alarms in the centre knowing that the point for fire evacuation clearance is in the far car park. Far enough from the centre no to hurt innocents and the like.

At eight thirty five A.M the clairvoyant told me that in about ten minutes the armies of darkness would reach the gate. At this moment I activated the alarms and the air was filled with screeching, howling type noises that would make anyone think the world was coming to an end.

I believed that if we failed it probably would be.

Luckily the people in the centre evacuated to the point in order and control. The centre was soon empty, I had already called the fire brigade and told them it was a drill and not a real alarm.

The next step was to activate the timer on the explosives, and then wait.

The clairvoyant told me that the armies were just entering the gate, I then pressed the cancel countdown/ override switch on the first timer and pressed the start button on the second. This was a shorter countdown, once this was activated a video was also activated, on this was a continuous loop recording.

"Welcome armies of darkness" it started "you have come to invade our dimension and are now trapped between your and ours, so I'm sad to say but it's time for me to say goodbye to all of you, by the way there is nothing you can do about your predicament".

And then to finish up my laughing face interspersed with that of a grinning skull appears and continuously repeats "Hasta La Vista Devil!"

CH 7


It was like a movie in slow motion, first the centre's glass doors, windows etc blew outwards spraying glass for a radius of twenty metres, then the roof was blown into bits smaller than grains of rice.

The boom of the blast sent shockwaves powerful enough to totally tip over our car and blow the glass and probably our ears.

I know the force of the blast flattened light poles forty metres away also the centre.

The flames that poured out of the decrepit centre were fierce enough to blacken to the roots; blades of grass sixty metres away.

The heatwaves that rolled off the blast like unending tidal waves on a stormy ocean were hot enough to melt my credit cards without me having to take them out of my wallet.

The last thing I remember before blacking out due to multiple, simultaneous, high energy explosions, was the sight of people falling like leaves because of the shockwaves of the blast, then darkness enclosed my mind.


The sun shone bright through my window on this Friday morning. 15 yrs after what the papers described as "SURBURBAN, NUCLEAR WARFARE".

Well considering the blast registered 5.9 on the Richter scale. *(Scale that measures the power and intensity of earthquakes and aftershocks) A.N)

Of course the sentence was lenient considering my standing as an officer of the police force, which I am now retired from.

At first when we said why we did it they were going to put us into straight jackets. But on the day of the trial over a hundred psychics, clairvoyants, mystic's etc turned up, out of the blue and all told our story, of the invasion. Now to most this would not seem unusual but considering they were from all different countries, cities, and places in general, well that made it bazaar.

We got 10 yrs each in a high security prison and 5 yrs good behaviour.

The poor clairvoyant was never the same after that; she now takes heaps of medication to stop the massive nervous spasms.

Two weeks after the blasts, news reports came in from all over the world, all saying the same thing "Satanic cults are withering like dried up fruit trees".

Demons were no more. Devil worshippers were lost and trance like.

And to beat this, every cross in every church that held a service that week started weeping tears.

When people awoke the morning after, they noticed something had changed, people all over the world didn't know what it was but they did notice.

So sometimes at night, when the moon is high and the world is asleep, I stare out my window and wonder "where did all that evil go?"

"And will it stay gone?"


© F R Kelly 2001