Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


I am but a lonely man,
Lost in a world of twists and turns,
Hungry but not for food,
Poor but not of wealth,
Mad but not lost of sanity.

I am a lonely man,
I have my dreams,
And then again a man with a dream,
Is richer than a man without.

If that man believes in his dream,
He is more full than a king is after a lush banquet.

If a man has faith in his dream,
He is richer than all of the sultans of Arabia put together.

For a man with a dream,
Is never lonely,
The dream is the inspiration of every man.
It is the lifeblood of every living person.
The dream can create a world for the man,
It can make a friend for him.

As long as the man has a dream,
He has a companion.

Dreams never die,
Faith never dies,
Believing in your dream will live long after you're gone.



© F R Kelly 1999