Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


Verse 1

God saw Noah and said to him "Noah you must build an ark!"
To save two of each animal from death,
He tried to warn the Earth as well,
But he was just wasting his breath.
Chorus 1

It's raining; it's raining,
It's spitting drops of rain,
God's gonna wash away all evil,
And then he'll start again.
Verse 2

So Noah went forth and got the beasts,
And he got them two by two,
It wasn't just a boat any more,
It was a mini zoo.
Chorus 2

It's raining; it's raining,
Now the Earth is down below,
The mountains are all covered up,
There's not one of them for show.
Verse 3

Well the rain kept on for forty days,
And forty dreary nights,
Yeah sure we know that this boat was big,
But breathing room was tight.
Chorus 3

It's raining; it's raining,
Well Noah sent forth a Dove, just as God had said,
The Dove flew out and then flew back,
But everything was dead.
Verse 4

The world was wet; the world was gone,
And Noahs family blue,
"But don't worry," said the voice of God,
A plant I will show to you.

Chorus 4

It's raining; it's raining,
The water was going down,
Noah landed on a mountain,
At last glad to find dry ground.
Verse 5

Noah sent forth the animals,
To populate the Earth, for humanity Noah yearned,
But sin did not stop there,
So what exactly have we learned.
Chorus 5

It's raining; it's raining,
And sin might always thrive,
So if you don't accept the Lord as your saviour,
You'll be BURNT in hell alive!


© F R Kelly 1998