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The Works of F. Robert Kelly


Chapter Unknown (To Be Later Advised)


He is the passenger seat of the car, he's packed his sleeping bag and pillow, he had grabbed his toiletries bag and wallet, sunnies and money.

And all this for only two and a bit days, plus clothes.

They headed out at 11A.M for Toowoomba. A 4-hour drive from Roma. It would be just Tim and Craig.

Tim couldn't drive so Craig did, Tim had offered him money but Craig said "no".

They drove past fields and trees, and trees in fields. Past the town of Wallumbilla, with its one butcher and maybe four other shops, a pub and that's all.

Tim felt a little tired as he always did on car trips. So after about forty K's he fell asleep.

He'd been along this highway heaps of times but each time he travelled it, he took it all in just to make sure it was still all there.

He woke up on the north side of Dulacca and watched with sleepy eyes as the "one-horse, blink and you'll miss it" town went by.

There were small snippets of conversation all along the trip. They passed Drillham, McCallister and Miles and a few other towns, and as they started coming in to Chinchilla Tim noticed the road was lined with little bits of cotton and as the distance closed the seemed to be more and more.

Craig decided to stop just outside Chinchilla for lunch. Tim had a snack pack chicken & chips, and a 1.25lt drink. Craig had a salad bun sandwich and chips.

When they had finished they disposed of their rubbish and continued on their journey.

They joked and talked and drove on towards Toowoomba.

They went through the new Oakey by-pass, which had only been completed the previous year. It was a bit confusing for Craig as he was used to the old highway.

Toowoomba is beautiful all year round, even winter, with its trees, gardens, bikeways and whatnot.

It was the sort of place you could easily get lost in if you didn't have a map. Luckily Craig knew where he was going.

Jagaden (James) met them at the hall where the church held its youth meet and James said he would lead the way back to his house.

Craig and Tim followed James' car even though Craig knew Toowoomba pretty well.

James' house was a little way from the central business district, but the splendour of the ride made up for it.

He went down this street and up that road.

Finally he went up a very long street which gave a view over some of the many housing estates in Toowoomba.

They turned at the Christian Outreach Centre and into the second street on the right and then second street on the left.

The house they were looking for was second on the left next to an empty lot in a new housing estate.

They pulled into James' driveway and disembarked to the house where James, his wife Nattalichiani (Nicki) and two daughters lived.

After much welcoming and arrangement of sleeping, Tim sat with the girls, who he considered to be almost like nieces to him, to watch T.V; a video of some kind was on so they watched that.

Nicki said not to get to wrapt in the video because tea would be soon.

The girls sang along with the songs because they had seen this particular video plenty of times and knew every line off by heart.

Tea was a deliciously scrumptious vegetarian meal with dessert for afters. It consisted of vegetarian meatballs and some sort of unbelievably yummy sauce with rice, vegetables and mashed potatoes so creamy and tasty it would melt in your mouth.

Tim offered to help wash up but Nicki wouldn't hear of it.

After tea they started preparing for the night's youth meet. There would be songs, laughter and followed up by a light snack and drink.

After much meeting and greeting at the hall, (and even some recognising of familiar faces) Tim, James and Craig got with the night. They sang some songs, some of them Tim knew some he didn't.

There was slides also, mainly photos of the latest group outing or something. And then afterwards there was the nibblies.

Their group locked up the hall at 10:30 P.M. and Craig followed James back to the house.

On the way home, James discussed with Tim the material of his talk for the next day. Tim answered that it would be his testimony of how and why God saved his life.

He continued on to say that the message, must be spread over Australia, and that he was chosen to do it.

They got the beds ready for the night and Nicki put the girls to bed for the night.

Tim stayed up helping James do odds and ends to do with being a pastor.

Tim eventually got to bed at midnight.

He slept and dreamed. He dreamed of a great landscape. It was bigger than any landmass in the real world. It was bigger than Russia and all its provinces put together. It was bigger than all of the U.S.A.

It was bigger than China, India, Australia and its parts, and South Africa all put together.

It was also beautiful.

He dreamed of soft green grass and multiple varied coloured flowers, reds, yellows, blues, pinks, whites, a real living rainbow.

He looked to the rear of him and saw puffy, white clouds, not big ones though; these were typical features of his mindscape.

To his left, far, far, far off in the distance he saw a door. It was an old oak double door like the sort seen in front of those really old time places that you only find in historical towns.

It had two pieces of 2 by 4 wood beams running across it for strength. At regular intervals he could see massively big, really thick bolts holding the wooden beams to the doors, these ran across the length of the door.

It seemed to have no particular keyhole or lock, no chain, no draw bolt. And in particular no handles.

But he knew where this door went, to the inside of his conscious, everything he thought, did or felt was behind that door.

He knew it had a psi lock. Which meant that if you weren't welcomed you would never get anywhere near the door. However if you were welcomed then with nothing more than a simple though and you were there.

He made that thought and then quicker than a flash he was within arms reach. He mentally saw the doors opening and they did.

On the other side was not as beautiful, it was a virtual living danger zone set into areas where he stored everything that went past his normal conscious.

Somewhere on the far side of that was a place called Vandenlanden the place where the "him" of his mind ruled in a castle unlike any other. For one it was not grounded, there were no steps up to it, nor any doors.

The area in front of him was the second most dangerous place to be in his mindscape. There were unending bottomless pits, and other pits with Vipers and all sorts of other deadly snakes in them. There were pits with steel spikes topped with poison.

There was areas filled to bursting point with land mines and rocket launchers, surface to air missiles, grenade launchers.

There was areas surrounded by Tiger tape wire and barbed wire fences.

Pools of boiling lava covered some areas.

He looked over that barren landscape and saw it was all peaceful, for now.

He looked forward, towards the mountains and valleys, rivers and streams and then he was passing over it all, not flying although he could if he wanted to.

No, he was standing in air whilst the mindscape he had created flashed past under him. He passed herds of grazing animals beyond the imagination of most people; he passed townships of people who went about doing whatever it was they were doing.

In time he came to a sea, on its rim were cliffs so rugged no person could descend down or ascend up them. Here was an invisible barrier, to the normal eye there was nothing on the sea, but he knew that on the other side was what he called the dark side. He pushed his hand against the barrier and a hole big enough for him to fit through opened and he went through.

Once on the other side he saw the sea as it really was, with its boiling water/ lava so hot it was instantaneous death for those who tried to swim in it.

Only Jualiguana's (pronounced Jule - ig -u- arna's) could survive it, he had bought them out of the volcanoes that existed in his mindscape somewhere.

They were used to high temperatures; they were lava dwellers. That's what this sea actually was. An endless red lava scape.

Up ahead he saw what he had come looking for, it was a humungously giant thing, it had always had a dark cloud over it, it never left. The castle was like his own except not bright and magnificent. It was dark and foreboding.

It had no windows or doors and was surrounded by jagged rocks so sharp that even the atmosphere that inhabited the rest of the land didn't come near for fear of dropping too low and being cut to ribbons

The walls had great big bulges in spots like hideously ugly warts where the inhabitants had tried to get out. But he knew he was strong enough to keep them there but he was always secretly afraid they would wait until his weakest moment to escape.

He knew that they could do more damage than anyone could perceive. After all he had created them, they were his demons. Jealousy, Hatred, Anger, Envy, Spite, Greed and many, many more.

They were all just waiting to get out and attack him, he had defeated them once, and he did not want to have to defeat them again.

He was back at the force field again; he looked at the slight gleam of bright light on the very far distant horizon, and the frigid, ice-cold structure that was the castle that stood there. He smiled knowing his happiness and good emotions could roam free whilst his demons were trapped.

The Saturday morning sun woke Tim up from his slumber on the bed-converted couch, well not only the sun, but also the girls tickling his nose with a feather.

By 8 A.M James was awake and so was Nicki. Nicki started preparing breakfast while Tim and James got ready for Sabbath school. They both had showers but James thought Tim's shirt might not be as nice as one he had, so he lent Tim his shirt and a belt.

Tim decided to pray, he prayed that the people would be willing to listen to him, and that they wouldn't laugh him out of the church.

Tim wasn't too bad looking all dressed up, he combed his hair nicely while Nicki served breakfast.

It was fantastically delicious, cereal, milk orange juice, fruit, yoghurt, plus toast.

James could see Tim was nervous. It was literally written all over his face.

James said to him "relax my friend, it is obviously God's will for you to speak today, so because of that no power on Earth shall be able to stop that. And because off that same reason, everyone will listen without disbelief or complaints".

"I'm glad you have faith in me, I just wish I did, and yet I know I should".

"God works in mysterious ways with mysterious people" James said in answer to Tim's comment about his ability.

When he was called in front of the gathering he found he was not as nervous as he thought.

The room applauded him.

He stood up to the mike and started "hello, my name is Tim O'Reilly, I've been an S.D.A for about eighteen months now and I want to tell you about two amazing things that happened during the last two years of my life.

The first is my revelation about my beliefs and the religion I was attending and the other will need my description. So I'll tell you how I became an S.D.A first.

I've been in Roma itself for about two years but I had been visiting here for a while before I moved. I had first started visiting my father in Wallumbilla, while there he was attending a church run by a man from Roma. His name was Pastor Steven Valley, the branch was A.O.G.

I had been up for one Christmas and two Easter's when I decided to take the Lord as my saviour. So not long afterwards I got baptised in the local creek.

I enjoyed going to church with the pastor but because of an accident that had happened to him when he was working, he had to give up his pastoral duties.

But it didn't matter because the next time I came to visit my father was in Roma, he was not attending church at this time but I tried to enjoy my holidays anyway.

The next time I had come up he was in a church called the C.O.C, that's Christian Outreach Centre not the other one.

I liked most of the people here and made friends with most of the youth. We went to camps and concerts etc. I decided that my commitment to the Lord had slipped a little so I was baptised again.

Sure, there were things then I had noticed that I did not like but they weren't as clear to me as they would be.

I, about three months later, had noticed the youth didn't regard me with the same regal as they did when I came. Maybe because I was more serious about my relationship with God than they were.

Anyway most of the stuff I'd done as part of the church slowly came to a halt. First the outreaches to Mitchell and Wallumbilla we used to do stopped. Then I became less and less involved with the youth, and eventually went only once a month, if that. I was still frequent in the church proper but not much else.

In 98 and 99 I got to ride in the parade, Easter that is. In 98 it was because Franklin the youth leader of the time invited me and in 99 it was because I helped with the float.

It was in late March, early April of 98 that the first major thing I said I would talk about happened.

You see, before I say what it was, I'll give you a little bit of my history. In the past I've always had a problem with my anger and my temper.

And the problem wasn't that I couldn't control my anger, I could. Too well in fact, I bottled it up and never let it out, I kept it hidden until one day someone would do or say something that would tip it over the edge and I would loose it.

And from the age of 14 till now I had suffered this problem, the only thing was that when I went off I was really liable of hurting someone innocent.

And then there was the hatred, rage and pain I had suffered in my life, these were slowly eating away at me.

So that's history and that's how it was until this day. It was a Sunday and I headed off to church at roughly my usual time of about 9 A.M. I don't know why but I liked to be there early, sometimes I would go into the "cry room" as they called it.

It was a small room where the mothers put their children who were too young for Sunday school.

So as everyone arrived, I helped welcome them and helped out in the bookshop, test the mikes and turn on the sound system.

The band tuned up and everyone said "hello's" and gossiped to everyone else.


Then Pastor Bob welcomed everyone and we started the song service, this was after the elders and whatnot went and had a prayer fest in the "crying room".

So we sang and sang and sang some more, then we collected the tithes and offerings, sang a worship song or two and had communion.

We had a prayer before each part of the communion.

Then Bob would start his "in your face" preaching. I don't know or remember, or maybe both, what his lecture was about but I remember reading the verses of the Bible as he called them out.

I suppose the old "make sure the minister gets it right" instinct just never dies.

Then he did what I describe as the "healing call". It's where he asks if you want to accept the Lord Jesus or need healing. And I believe that something he had said during his lecture triggered what happened next.

I felt a warm glow enter me, although it actually sent chills up my spine, and then a voice as soft as the wind and as sweet as honey whispered "It is time for you to go and get healed".

Now I had been up there before, and I had been touched by Bob's hand and I had fallen down just like everyone else, I had thought it was expected. You went up, got touched and fell down.

Anyway I didn't hear this voice in my head or my ears but in my heart, or at least the part of my brain the heart represents, my emotions and feelings.

And when I got up there. And I have to tell you I don't even remember walking up there. One minute I was in my seat, the next I was up there.

So when I got up there, that feeling I had increased, in my mind, my whole body was feeling something I can only describe as heavenly. It got into my brain, into those recesses no one else could get into and unlocked it all. It cut the chains holding my ten years of anger, pain, hurt sadness and despair down like a hot knife cutting through butter.

And when he got to me, it, that is the chain, broke, busted clean apart. And I told of my hurt and pain etc and he went to touch me, to put his hand on my head, but before he had landed skin on skin, some sort of spark jumped across.

And a presence and power unlike anything else filled me; it made me weak, my knees suddenly buckled and my whole body just collapsed out from under me. I didn't fall backwards like before just straight down.

As my dam of emotion burst sending me into racking fits of sobs.

That feeling and power were cleansing me because God knew it was time and I was ready for better things.

As I stated I got a revelation about the church, I saw it with new eyes.


I don't exactly remember when I first met Pastor James Stolimonjycic the S.D.A pastor at the time. All I know is that one Saturday I went up there for the first and I have never turned back.

The whole revelation didn't hit all once; it spread itself over the period of maybe, three months.

I still have friends and am friends with people in that church.

Between, lets say March and June, which I think I the month I started going to S.D.A permanently, of course it could have been May, I had started noticing things I had been able to see before but I had not taken notice of.

Like the fact that unnamed persons in the church were hypocrites, they would complain about the fact that many people in that church were rumour spreaders.

You would always see someone telling the neighbour on their left or their right what the other neighbour was doing.

I had noticed that people who were complaining about it were doing it themselves.

I had noticed that when I went to the S.D.A there was none of that.

Another thing was that some people in the C.O.C were absolute snobs. I had tried to communicate with them, but to no avail.

These people sometimes didn't even talk to long time members.

Where as, and I'll say this now, even though our church at Roma is smaller I don't think it matters.

So with the S.D.A, the first time I went up there everyone was so friendly, they all said hello and welcomed me and shook my hand after church.

Anyway, I could probably go on all day about why I changed churches, but I know you do not necessarily want to know all that.

But I will tell you my main reasons. 1. I felt welcomed. 2. I felt like I was in a real family. And 3. I had an active part in the church.

So now I'll tell you about the second thing that happened to me.

It happened about five months ago, during the day while I was working as a gardener.

The sky had been flashing ominously all day and the clouds that had gathered had decided to stay.

I was in the grounds doing sweeping or raking, anyway I was using wooden handled tool and I stopped leaning on this and there was this massive boom, and I must've jumped 8 ft and then I remembered thinking "bugger that must've been close".

It was half an hour later when I was hit; it had been quiet, no big ones and I had decided to have a quick rest.

So I leant up against a tree and suddenly boom! Somehow the boom erupted just before the bolt did.

I didn't even have time to jump before an unbelievably high voltage went through me and darkness closed in on me.

My boss Gerry had been coming to see me to tell me to take the rest of the day off, when it struck, he saw it all.

I was still alive, but barely, when the ambulance arrived five minutes later.

However I was unconscious, they rushed me to the hospital.

Ten minutes after I arrived the shock kicked in and I went into cardiac arrest.

Bells were ringing, sirens blaring, people everywhere, of course I didn't know all this myself but was told later.

I then went on to tell the congregation of fascinated people what happened during those ten minutes of death.

Ten minutes which seemed like a lifetime.

"So just as they were about to turn off the machine and give up when a faint beep emitted and suddenly the ants nest re-erupted, somehow my body had re kick started itself.

My pulse was faint, my breathing nearly non-existent, the ants rushing hither and to, to get me stable.

After another five or six minutes, I was right, everything was back to normal.

Everyone said it was the most unbelievable thing they had ever seen.

So it took me six months to fully recover but I was out of hospital and in a wheelchair in three.

I am not fully sure yet just how I am going to fulfil the prophecy I saw or where to start but I am sure the Lord will guide me all the way.

And I talk to him two times a day now so I'll find out more when he deems it necessary".

The pastor stood up and thanked me and then suddenly the hall erupted into applause, it surprised me some.

After the service everyone wanted to shake my hand and ask me questions like "What did Jesus look like?" and "Did he say we'll all walk that road?" and heaps more.

The church or at least the majority of it decided to have a combined lunch at the local park.

James and Nicki invited Craig and myself to lunch with them and we gladly excepted.

We got to the park and while everyone set up I took James' girls over to the playground.

We ran around chasing each other until Nicki came and said lunch was ready.

The lunch as these lunches all are, was extremely filling and in an effort to work it we, that is the girls and myself went to play some more.

When we got back to the house Craig decided that instead of staying until Sunday morning, he would leave straight away. He decided that if he did leave straightaway he would make it back before dark.

We packed our stuff into the car, said our goodbyes and headed off. The drive back was uneventful.

I was unsure of how I was to go about fulfilling the prophecy now I was back in Roma but God told me I should speak about my experience in the other churches.

I was worried about this because of the ridicule factor.

Three month's have passed since then and I don't know how on Earth it was arranged but I did get to speak in the other local churches.

I had been making pretty good progress actually, and frankly I think what happened was caused by the fact that I had the Devil worried.

But the way I saw it, he decided to try and put me out of action permanently.

It had been a normal day and I had been doing my normal run of the mill stuff. I had gone down town to search the job boards, just to find the usual amount of nothingness.

I had rode home to sit and listen to the radio and do some reading.

I had been home half an hour when I remembered something, I am not sure now what it was, but it was something I had forgotten to do down town.

I didn't remember what it was I forgot or even where it was I was supposed to go but I knew it was important.

In the end it didn't matter because I didn't make it.

I had been coming down the hill towards the intersection at Bowen and The Injune - Mitchell connection Rd (Quentin St). There was a line of cars waiting to go across.

There was also a car or two waiting to turn into Bowen St.

I am not sure what happened next but I think the driver at the head of the line waiting to go across towards K.F.C got a bit impatient and tried to go early.

Unfortunately for me a car was coming up Bowen St the car at the head of the line shot forward and saw the other car coming and stopped, right in front of me!

I was going pretty fast and then I saw this car in my way and tried to apply the brakes, unfortunately they didn't seem to want to work.

I hit the car head on, my front wheel making a thumping noise as it did, my speed throwing me from the bike.

I blacked out as I hit bitumen road hard!

When I woke I was in an emergency ward and body was in pain like nothing I've ever felt.

I had some sort of tube invading my nose and another in my arm. I didn't know what was happening or how long I had been out.

I asked where I was and a nurse answered "You're in the Roma hospital, you had an accident on your bike". I asked, "How bad was it?" He (there are male nurses you know!) Answered "pretty bad, your leg is broken and three of your ribs are fractured, you don't seem to have any brain damage but you were cut up pretty badly by the road".

I questioned "what exactly happened, do you know?" the nurse said "your dad's here he can tell you".

My dad, whose name is Phillip Cellaigh (pronounced Kelly) was there like the nurse said, he came to the bedside and asked "so me boy, what have you done to yourself?"

I answered with some contempt "oh, so I nearly kill myself and then he starts worrying, and thinking of me instead of himself and a certain other person who will remain nameless!"

"If you're talking about Josephine Anne, she's not here".

"Yeah I can see that, and why am I not surprised? Ever since I turned her and you down at 13, she's hated me and she's been doing a bloody good job of making sure we, that is me and you never get close!"

"She cares for you more than you know!" Said he.

"Oh Bull shit dad, the only time she ever stood up for me was because it would help her look good!"

"Look, I know you're in great amounts of pain right now, so I'll forget you said that".

"Don't fuck me over dad, you never forget things like that!"

"Do you want to know what happened or do want to keep insulting me and I'll go home?"

"I'm not forcing you to stay here, why don't you go home to your "do as I say, not as I do" lazy, slowly dying because you smoke like a fucking chimney life? Where you can have her wait on you hand and foot!"

"You're lucky you're injured or I'd.."

"You'd what dad? Huh what would you do? Appease your stupid rage and temper and hit your only son, is that what you would do?"

"I'm going to tell you what happened and then I'll leave, because it seems either the anaesthetic or the shock is affecting your brain.

A policeman, who was told by an eyewitness, told me this. Apparently you were coming down Bowen St, on the left side coming downhill, you where nearly at the four way intersection when a car coming across the decided to try and get across in front of you instead of waiting. The driver didn't see the truck coming up the hill towards the intersection.

He smashed head on into the truck's side and you, as the witness said, seemed unable to stop. The witness said you must've been doing twenty-five K's. Anyway without going into the gory stuff I'll say you hit the boot of the car, came flying off the bike and landed very roughly on the ground.

You broke some bones and cut yourself badly and blacked out, you were out for two hours".

He then said, "I'll see if I can find the doctor and discuss an approximate time for release".

He left towards the in patients and admin desks.

The nurse, who had never left said, "you seem to be doing well, the stuff in the drip will help you stand the pain, which you shouldn't feel to much of".

He then asked if able to see another visitor.

I said "sure".

When my next visitor walked in I almost had a heart attack, literally. I coughed, I spluttered, I almost choked on the pipe in my throat.

After the nurse made sure I was alright I asked the nurse if I could talk to my visitor alone.

He said "Sure" but he was just going to be around the corner and I should holler if anything happens.

I couldn't believe it was him, the guy I had only seen once and that was while I was doing body transgressions.

That is to say I had got "high" on pot and had left my body so he could enter.

He is known as "The Executioner", once Satan's head soul torturer he somehow did something which plucked him from that place and put him in the spiritual plane, I had seen him only in spirit, after all he had died in the late 13th century, approximately 1297.

I queried of him, "what are you doing here and how did you become flesh?"

He answered "Tim, ever since your soul went on that trip to hell with the help of Damien, I have been with you.

Even after your change over I never left, I was just hidden deeper than usual.

You see when Debbie pulled you out of the trance, I saw my opportunity and hitched a ride, and when you did the séance I was the one who came forth in you.

I gave you those temporary abilities and I, for a good reason took them away".

"So how and why are you here?" I asked him again, "because up until now I have been guarding your mind, I have become part of your subconscious, even though you don't know it, I helped set up the defences around your sensitive areas.

After all we couldn't have somebody damaging them and you losing control of the castle prison.

I'm here because your captives are free, in a sense they have overrun the castle but as are yet to attack the field around it.

When they do, you will know and so will I.

As to how, this is not a real body, I'm influencing the minds of those around to be able to see me, hear me, feel me etc".

I said "you obviously know what this means?"

"Yes I do, you must go to sleep, enter your mind's dream scape and start preparing your defences".

I said " that's right, but I'll need help".

"I'm here".

"Yes I know and in a way that's great, but we share our demons now, so there's more of them, I'll need HER!"


"Debbie, you know that even though we are total opposites we are linked, although I don't know how".

"Yes, yes of course".

"Do you know how to find her?"

"Sort of".

"What do you mean, sort of?" I asked, my pulse suddenly racing and bringing the nurse running.

He was just about to answer when the nurse arrived and said, "listen mate, if Mr Cellaigh has any more excitement it could be bad for him and I'll make you leave, so settle down or else!"

He left

The Executioner said "what I mean is, if I start where you last was with her, I can trace her aura, even after all this time".

"Alright, if you can find her, do what ever it takes within the law to get her here!"

He was about to leave when I asked; "can you find my dad before you go?"

"Yeah sure".

He went and found the old bastard who came in and state "your friend says you wanted to see me".

"Yeah, I'm a little worried about lapsing back into unconsciousness or even a coma, and in the even the latter happens I might not come out. So with the help of my friend I'm wondering if you can do me a favour, a really big favour, a sort of last request if you like".

"I'm listening".

"What I'd like you to try to do is find a very special young lady I knew, I first met her in Kallangur and again in Caboolture.

My friend knows her name & some of her hangouts & also people who know of others".

"Were you in love with her?"

"Yeah for a time but she had no feelings for me, anyway we were close as friends"

"So you'd like her to come here should worse come to worse?"

"Yeah I'd want her to be here".

Okay I'll do what I can"

He left.

The Executioner came back in and I told him to help dad find Debbie, it old him that when they did find her my dad was to speak to her because I didn't think she would come if she knew he (The Executioner) was involved.

He left to catch up with my dad.

I decided to catch up on some sleep.

I entered the mindscape through the usual way, I though myself across the fields of conscious and to the door separated that from my subconscious.

I looked around and noticed patches of grass that weren't as green as the rest.

In the distance leaves of golden brown and dark wood brown floated gently on the cool breeze, down from the branches.

The miles of multicoloured flowers had started closing their petals; it seemed as though they were preparing for Autumn or Winter.

I opened the door with a thought and entered the real me.

The mindscape of my subconscious was totally different. I passed the emotions area; my happiness was a sun shinning on a tree, all by itself.

This was unusual because usually the sun shone on a whole forest of trees.

Each emotion was represented by its own little area.

There was an area with heaps of high explosive land mines and unseen floating air mines around an ordinary chest, this was my anger.

Each area had its own defences some seen, some unseen.

I passed over a lake, this was my dreams, each drop of water a dream.

Next to it was a volcano, this was my nightmares.

Sometimes it erupted and turned my dreams into nightmares, but that wasn't very often.

I looked ahead at the black dot on the horizon, the prison of my demons.

I, even from this far away could feel the waves of evil emanating from it.

This was because of them being free to roam the castle.

I kept on, passing through the air over the sections of my mind.

Below me I saw a road, in a sense it was anyway, it didn't have lanes and it wasn't bitumen, it was brick.

As I drifted over it I saw the off cuts along the way, they all made their way back to the main road sooner or later.

This road was my goals. Where it veered off was where had gone for a goal and either achieved it or not achieved it.

Some sidetracks were short and some disappeared over hills or into gullies or valleys.

But the main one always kept on going. Not always perfectly straight though, sometimes it was so bent and twisted it made you wonder what I had been thinking during those twists and turns.

Like all roads there were ups and downs, rough spots and smooth spots. These were places where I had wondered about what exactly my goal in life was.

I passed over high & rocky mountain ranges, deep gorges and other natural obstacles, which were put there in case an intruder tried to get by foot to the castle. (Not all of my demons can fly but a vast majority can).


This was impossible anyway because at the force field the mindscape stopped and there was a drop off cliff edge that lead to nothingness.

Invaders wouldn't want to walk off because the drop was eternal.

I came to the barrier field that was there, it couldn't be seen though because it was invisible.

But if the wrong person or thing who was not allowed to touch it did try, they would very quickly find out it was there.

Out in the nothingness that was there was the castle.

It floated on air and the island it sat on also floated, the ground underneath wore down to a jagged razor sharp point as if someone had used a giant knife to cut the circle round the castle and then used it as a lever and levered it out.

The area on the other side of the barrier was not what it seemed.

At the moment the castle was easily visible, sort of like it was only a kilometre away.

The turrets and barred up windows could be seen there were no doors.

The reasons why this section of the mindscape was not what it seemed was these. 1. If you did manage to get through the barrier and you tried to get to the castle you would find destructively high winds, and yet from the side I was on there was no sound of any wind, it seemed serene and peaceful.

These winds had the strength to rip apart any aircraft that made it past the barrier.

2. If you somehow where able to get a sea vessel and try to cross the seemingly peaceful deep blue sea, you would find it's anything but peaceful. And you find it was a sea of lava, the blue was a trick, and the sea didn't have any banks for the lava would melt them it was so hot.

And if you did manage to find a craft that could sail on the lava the roughness of the sea would toss the craft like a toy.

Throwing anyone aboard over the side, and hence sinking it.

And let's say you built a craft so super light as not to be affected by the winds, then when you tried to reach the castle you never would. For no matter how close you could get it would always seem the same distance away.

You really could keep on flying towards it for eternity but never reach it.

And the castle itself was something of a mystery; it didn't look big enough to house a few hundred thousand demons of all shapes and sizes.

But if you ever did get inside it you would find the whole place was wider than the whole of Russia or the U.S.S.R used to be.

No, beyond that barrier nothing was what it seemed, everything was an illusion.

I waved my hand across the ground far, far below me. And a steel pole came out of the ground and rose to my altitude.

Hanging from the end was a set of earphones. I put one in each of my ears, I pressed a button on the pole and my ears were filled with the sounds of the demons continuously probing the walls of the castle for weaknesses.

Loud booms filled my ears as they fired everything they had at they walls.

I, when building it had hidden microphones everywhere.

I had also hidden mini cameras in all the major parts of the castle. The towers, the dungeons, the, halls and rooms and anywhere else they could gather.

I waved my hand in front of the barrier and it formed a TV screen. A second of static then a crystal clear picture of the main hall appeared where it seemed they had chosen a leader.

I wasn't surprised to find it was the three headed dragon, he was seated in the seat of a king at the top of the hall.

The other demons like his generals were gathered around a war table with a map on it.

The map, of course was of my mindscape, they obviously planned to try and overrun me and take control.

I was watching and listening to their plans when the dragon waved his hand and they all went quiet.

He spoke in a deep, resonatingly evil voice, "brethren, be ye careful, for I fear we are being watched". Suddenly and almost fast enough to surprise me I saw a shadow out of the corner of the camera. There was a jolt as the camera was ripped out of the wall and I was face to face with an anger demon. Then there was static as it was destroyed, the camera that is.

I waved my hand and the screen and listening pole both disappeared to whence they came.

I was pondering what to do when I saw through the barrier something rush at me. It was so fast that it caught me unawares.

It was a fear demon, they have the ability to become invisible. I lost my concentration for a moment and plunged toward the ground.

It hit the barrier and bounced off screaming pain and I regained my concentration quickly enough to stop myself hitting the ground.

I floated back up to the altitude I was at to see it had vanished.

I wouldn't be caught off guard again and I realised that matters were worse than I had thought. For if a fear demon had escaped the castle then the others wouldn't be far behind.

With a thought I had passed over all the land and was back at the door again.

I went through thinking about the fact that the once captive demons had been able to tell of my presence whilst watching them.

It was something that I know hadn't happened before.

And then there was the fact that the fear demon was loose from the castle.

I woke back up in the hospital bed with a headache I knew was caused by the attack on the barrier.

I rang the buzzer above my bed to signal the nurse because I couldn't get out of bed.

He came in after a few minutes and asked what was wrong, I said "well I went to sleep, had a bad dream and woke up with a headache, could you possibly get me something for it?"

He answered "Yeah sure" he went to get some aspirin or something.

When he came back he asked "what was the dream about?"

"Well I'm not sure but there were dragons and castles and flying weirdo creatures".

He gave me the aspirin and water and told me it was ten past eleven at night and I should get some sleep.

I didn't let him see how shocked I was. It had been seven hours since I had entered the mindscape.

This also worried me for usually the mindscape existed outside of time. I could spend what seemed like hours in there and come out to find only a few minutes had passed.

I got the phone call at six P.M and just before I was put in a chair to answer it I looked at my calender, it had been two and a half weeks since I had sent dad and the Executioner off to find Debbie.

I, before picking up the handset made sure no one was around, I then said "hello" pretty sure of who was calling.

I was right of course, it was him.

"It's me, and I've found her".

"Good" I said "so when are you going to see her?"

"Tomorrow, it's too late now".

"Were you able to see how the baby's doing?"

"How did you know she has a baby?"

"She told me when I was in Caboolture"

"Listen" I said suddenly "when you get to see her tomorrow let dad see her because she will recognise you"

"So you want me to stay out of sight?"

"Yes that would be helpful"

"What if she asks your old man how he found her?"

"Well here what you will tell him to tell her"

And I passed the instructions down the line.

I didn't realise that I would be busy fighting my demons by the time they got back.

It was seven o'clock the next morning when I felt the first tremor.

It was intense pain on my temples. Blinding, almost crippling pain.

It was so sudden, so unexpected.

I clutched my head as the pain intensified.

I went to hit the buzzer but just as fast as it hit it went.

And everything was ok.

For a while.

I knew the legions were attacking the barrier.

You see, it's a funny thing, everything in my head is reversed.

So even though the castle of my mindscape is right at the back in reality it's at the front.

And when entering you enter at the front but end up at the back, which is really the front.

What I mean is, people who can enter my head can't do so from the rear because there's a strong electrical barrier, so you enter from the front.

But the front or beginning of my mindscape is at the back of my head.

So when the legions attack the barrier trying to get to the front of the mindscape, I feel it in my temples.

I didn't know how long before they would attack the barrier again.

And how many were loose from the castle.


I went through the rest of the day wondering how dad and his companion were doing getting Debbie.

At six P.M I found out, I got taken to the nurse's desk.


"Hey it's me, Debbie's decided to come, when we got to her house, I told him what to say and then told him that I had a feeling you might be in trouble and I would head back and meet him up there.

He asked me how I knew from so far away that you were in trouble? I told him I had known his son a lot longer than anyone else and we were closer than close and it was a gut feeling".

"When did you say that?" I asked wondering.

"About sevenish this morning, why?"

"Because" I answered "at exactly seven this morning a legion, I don't know how big, attacked the barrier, the pain was unbelievable".

"Wow, it was true then, I did know something"

"Anyhow keep on watching them but stay low, okay?"

"Yeah sure" he hung up.

I watched TV until 10:30 P.M and turned it off and went to sleep.

I was in the mindscape in a blink, and in another I was at the door, I thought about it opening, and to my surprise, it didn't!

I pushed harder and the door imploded into shards of wood, I thought skipped the distance between the barrier and there.

I looked at the evil, black sky, clouds as black as the ace of spades filled my vision.

I didn't have to get that close to the barrier to be able to see them, they were everywhere. The ones that could fly filled the skies around the castle and the ones that couldn't were clambered over it, almost totally covering it.

I tested the barrier with a thought and found it still pretty strong so I left.

I woke the next morning and had a coffee (the nurse had come to learn what time I awoke so he leaves one every morning).

The second attack was at 9:30 A.M, this one was stronger, it was so sudden I dropped a glass of water I was drinking and it smashed all over the floor.

My breathing was raggard and my heart was going a mile a minute.

I was screaming in pain!

The nurse rushed in seeing me in the foetal position clutching my head.

He shot some Pethidine or Valium into me and a few minutes later it passed.

He asked me what happened and I said, "I don't know I was drinking some water and there was this sudden blinding pain".

He sent me to a doctor who had to take a CAT scan to see if there was some damage that had not been detected before.

Since nothing showed up, he decided to get info off the monitor's memory bank, it had a twenty-four hour memory.

That created mass confusion & worries for as I've said, at 7 A.M yesterday and 9 A.M today my brainwaves would've went nuts!

While they viewed CAT scans and whatnot trying to figure the cause I sat in bed semi enjoying the spectacle, semi worried.

At 4 P.M, the time of my third attack they still hadn't figured it out.

I had just turned the TV on to see what was on; I used the remote of course.

I had been watching seven to see what sort of junk they had on; it was rubbish as usual.

I hit the button to change it to ABC and it was like that button was the same as hitting some switch in my head.

For as quickly as a bolt of lightning hitting the Earth, I received a massive jolt of pain.

The doctors had thought ahead this time and had connected the machine to an automatic alarm.

While alarms and bells jangled in the outside world I could feel myself subside into darkness.

It closed over me, and like some cement blanket held me down, and I knew I would not be able to fight it.

Meanwhile in the real world the attack was having its repercussions, my brain waves were more "all over the shop" than a bucket of paint after a tornado.

Convulsions were wreaking my body and my heartbeat and breathing were at different ends of the scale.

The used strong doses of Valium to bring my body back to normal.

And a relaxant to bring my heart and breathing back to regular.


Realising I wasn't waking up they checked my pupils only to find they had rolled up into my head, not really rolled out of my sockets but rather pivoted upwards towards the top of my head.

"He's slipped into a coma people" one doctor shouted, "how can this be happening?" another asked as they had revisions of brain scans and whatnot.

They decided to bring a neurologist in to try and give them some answers.

When the brain doctor came they showed the tests and scans and told him what happened and funnily enough the neurologist took another 24 hours to even get a clue.

Meanwhile back at the mindscape I was on the ground, which was right from the start unusual.

Because usually I would be floating, depicting the fact that I was master of this domain.

It was sad because I had to summon a cloud to carry me to the door, if it was still there of course.

Once I was on the cloud I was right, a swipe of my hand and in very bad mimicry of the Monkey Magic character I was off into the great blue beyond.

I wasn't surprised to find the door gone and a brick wall that seemed to stretch on forever there.

And it went up into the stratosphere, so noway around it and no way over it.

I summoned a flash though, this would've usually left dust of the wall, but the demons had obviously though of that.

I decided to try a different tactic and summoned a huge mountainous rock from the ground.

Then I summoned a legion of sharp beaked birds, experts at burrowing into rock.

They went to work, chiselling away, creating, crafting.

In no time they had fashioned a tank, 200 Ft high, 500 wide and probably weighing a few hundred thousand mega-tonnes.

With a gesture a door or a hatch rather, appeared and I summoned a soldier made out of tree wood to drive it.

I summoned four more from the same tree to man the weapons, they did.

When they were ready I put up my index finger in a number 1 gesture.

I heard the cartridge lock and load and I pointed toward the wall.

They fired and the tank recoiled a bit.

The ammo looked like a bubble of water.

As the bubble moved towards the wall it expanded ten, twenty fifty times fold.

Until it was almost as big as the wall itself.

The bubble then collided with the wall bursting and spraying liquid nitrogen all over it.

There was a brilliant flash and the wall disintegrated into a thousand pieces in a million directions.

The steel door I saw behind it came as no surprise.

I made the gesture for 2 with my index and middle fingers.

I got the thumbs up from the driver and I pointed at the wall.

A high powered, high-density laser, powerful enough to cut through a steel door 100 K's thick emitted from the tank.

The beam cut up one side across the top and down the other.

There was an almighty crash that would've sent shock waves around the globe three times.

In the distant I saw a dark, noisy, moving cloud, I knew this was the horde of demons.

On the inside of the doorframe, which amazingly was still wood, was a red presser button, the sort one would find in a factory.

It was one of those emergency stop buttons.

But here in the mindscape it had a different purpose.

It was an Early Defence System or E.D.S, I called it Eds and you might ask "Eds what?" just Eds.

I hit it and like a waking juggernaut the ground began trembling and splitting open and the mountains shook to their roots.

Hidden hangers emerged from the giant cracks that were appearing.

As soon as they were fully opened a multitude of aircraft would take off heading to battle the demons.

On the mountains one side was sliding into the Earth like some great sliding door. From this ensued an abundance of army tanks and armoured vehicles with a wide range of weapons.

From a hill ensued enough ground troops to overrun all of Asia, America and the former U.S.S.R.

My armies had gathered and were ready to fight to the last.

I summoned a shield tornado to cover me while I changed into my armour.

When I emerged I was in full platinum armour; it was so shiny I could see my reflection in it.

My sword was a platinum alloy for strength.

Of course it had a morphing ability, for long range attacks it could become a bazooka, or whip, for intense and up close a sword.

For hard destructive attacking, a mace.

And "in your face" fighting, a super sharp dagger.

I gave the signal to tally forth.

And the army of planes tanks, armed and armoured vehicles, and ground troops moved forward to encounter the enemy.

The enemy didn't bother waiting until you were ready, they attacked thick and fast.

The troops scattered for cover as they fought hand and fist with the enemy.

I knew I had to take on the king of their side, the three-headed dragon.

There was no casualties or prisoners to be taken, it was kill or be killed.

The dragon would not be beaten as easily this time, heads one and three both spewed forth their deadly weapon at me at the same time.

Head one was fire, it had a red gem on its neck, and it spewed fire hotter than the fires of hell.

It was hot enough to melt most metals but luckily my platinum alloy was heat resistant.

It represented anger and was the father or mother of all anger demons.

The third head was acid, evil and destructive as ever, it had a green gem on its neck.

Whatever the fire didn't melt the acid ate through.

This head represented jealousy or spite and was the father or mother of said demons.

And if it wasn't bad enough them two trying to kill me then there was head two.

It was ice and had a blue gem on its neck.

Its breath was icy enough to freeze the balls off a brass Monkey.

It represented hatred and was the father or the mother of all hatred demons.

It wasn't going to stand around and let me kick its butt.

It rushed and set in the attack.

Meanwhile my troops where having a hard time keeping up with the demons.

Although I had equipped them with the most imaginatively sophisticated weapons, they were getting hit pretty hard.

Meanwhile on the bus from Brisbane, they had stopped at Toowoomba and T.E had rung up the hospital and found out the bad news.

He wished it was possible to get to Roma quicker but it wasn't.

On either side of this war for control were broken and battered bodies and war craft.

The only difference was, that my side was more littered with dead warriors than theirs.

And my side was more littered with war craft than theirs.

Mainly because they didn't use tanks and whatnot, just their respective abilities.

But the problem was that for each one that was killed, a thousand more seemed to take its place.

The dragon was more prepared this time, he had learnt most of my moves and knew how to defend against them.

Luckily I was flexible and willing to change them.

It was six P.M that night when the trio arrived in Roma, unfortunately visiting time was well and truly over and they would have to wait till 8:30 A.M the next morning.

However back in the mindscape I wasn't doing too well, what I mean is, I myself was going well against the dragon, he wasn't winning and I had only gained a little ground.

The only problem was, I was getting exhausted.

I decided to activate the Automated Defence System.

I teleported myself to the behind of my troops and pulled a remote control out of my sleeve.

I pressed a button and all my existing troops back to the safety of their bunkers.

I pressed another button and the A.D.S was activated.

The ground was suddenly covered with hi-ex landmines and auto aim cannons came up out of small hills.

Automated machine guns with armour piercing ammo came out of trees, rocks and anywhere else it was possible to hide them.

Air born mines filled the skies.

I teleported out of there to rest and replenish the troops.

I knew the Automated Defence System would not stop them for long.

I was right, at 5:30 A.M I heard an alarm go off in my head, it meant that they were advancing again.

Within a few seconds I was back in the mindscape, I immediately thought myself into my armour.

I decided to test out the newest range of war craft and weapons.

I pressed a button and the normal troops re arrived.

I then pressed another and a mountainside grumbled open, the sound of engines firing up filled the skies.

Then the multitude of warplanes filled the skies, they got the hordes of demons in their sights and attacked with out haste.

The tanks and rocket launchers, missile launchers all rolled forward into the fray.

Planes bomb-dived the enemy's troops dousing them in liquid nitrogen. Holes in the ground then appeared and out of which arose armament cannons.

These cannons shot hi-ex grenades on a trajectory to hit the pools of liquid nitrogen that was running off the monsters.

The ensuing blast shook the ground to its roots.

As for the demons, they were turned into blazing infernos.

I don't know what was worse, the smell of burning flesh or the fact that as they were falling dead they were trying to fall on my troops, therefore killing them as well.

They obviously didn't like that little trick because they attacked with more ferocious veracity then they had shown before.

I looked around but couldn't see the head dragon. He must've been somewhere or another commanding his troops.

I knew I would have to face him again soon. It would be the deciding factor, if I beat him and killed him his troops would soon fall.

Meanwhile the trio had come up to the hospital, dad and Debbie had gone to see the neurologist and T.E had come to see how I was doing.

When he saw that I was in a coma he knew it was time for help to arrive.

He connected with my mindscape and teleported himself in.

He appeared beside me as I fought the stronger demons, the ones that the troops had no effect on.

He appeared in "Luke skywalker / Return of the Jedi" type get up. He had a double bladed light sabre and as soon as he popped in he started swinging.

"The other two have arrived in Roma, and are at the hospital" he said as he sliced a demon in half.

"Good, dad doesn't know what exactly, is going on and he doesn't need to know".

"Well he and Debbie are at the neurologists now".

"Then get him out and bring him to my bed".

"Sure" he said before sticking the sabre through another demon, and then he was gone.

I slashed an arm off a demon then wiped the sweat from my brow.

I hoped they didn't take too long.

I went back to my war.

In the office the neurologist was borrowing, considering he wasn't a local, was Debbie.

She was hoping to explain to the brain doctor that just about everything in modern medicine wouldn't work in my case.

"Doctor, I am Debbie, I have know Tim for about four years".

She spoke in a sexy, feminine voice, which was soft and alluring.

"Yes I know, I was told you wanted a private audience to tell me about his condition and the mysterious things that have happened".

"That's right, I know what I am going to tell you may seem highly unbelievable, maybe improbable, but it is all true".

"So tell me Ms Bunsten, what can you tell me about Tim's mysterious condition?"

"OK for one, his coma is not caused by anything in THIS world".

"What are you saying? That some other world something or other is causing this?"

"Doctor, let me ask you this, how broad minded are you?"


"Well do you believe in things like psychic powers, the supernatural, ouija boards etc?"

"Ms Bunsten, I have to know, what exactly is your point?"

"I'll explain it for you doctor!"

"About three to four years ago, I met Tim, he was living in a set of flats run by a church organisation, the flats were a sort of half way house, for young people looking for permanent accommodation.

He was living on the top floor of the building, I on the bottom.

I'll tell you that drug use and alcohol was pretty rampant in the flats, even though the management condones it.

And it didn't seem to matter what they did; nearly everybody got absolutely pissed just about every weekend.

And then there was cannabis".

"Go on" the doctor interjected.

"Well we, Tim and I became friends, got pissed a lot, smoked a lot and had fun not sex.

Anyway I was, and still am into witchcraft, I believe strongly in psychic powers, mind reading, tarot, palm reading etc.

And he told me he was interested.

He probably said that to try and get into my pants.

Anyway we, that is the residents all thought he was pretty straight.

Not in the gay/straight way either.

What I mean is, sure he did pot and drunk but we still thought he was square I suppose.

And Tim was and still is a person who needs to fit in, I don't think he could live with, not being able to fit in somehow.

So he decided to retake up smoking, ciggies I mean.

Anyway one day when we were pissed we decided to do a séance, it didn't happen but his interest in the occult increased.

He found out he had some untapped psychic powers of his own, some I hadn't seen in many people".

"Such as?"

"Well it's hard to put a name on them"

"So can you describe them?"

"Well one was, people could ask him questions, mentally I mean and he would wave his hand over four playing cards, they were four aces. They stood for yes, no, love and hate. And the people would ask questions with answers like these.

Anyway it would be like something was guiding him and when his hand got over the right card it would get immensely heavy, as if it were lead".

"So whatever was guiding him would make his hand heavy over the right answer?"


"But how they know he wasn't making it up?"

"The cards were face down and always rearranged after each question, he would even turn away so he could not see where they were moved to".

"Wow, unbelievable".

"Not for me, I saw something more amazing"

"Ok then, what else?"

"The other was, if someone gave him something they had owned for a long time, at least five years I mean, he could feel it or hold it and look into the past and tell them something about themselves.

Only problem was, it was usually something they had wanted hidden or forgotten like child abuse etc".

"Wow again".

"Yeah, and he was always right"

"So what has this got to do with Tim's condition?"

"History, giving you an idea of the lead up"

"Ok then"

"Anyway about six months, hang on, no I'm wrong, it was about two weeks, I was thinking of something else"

So two weeks after he discovered this, my "at the time" boyfriend who was into Satanism decided to do a soul trip"

"A what?"

"Well it is hard to say exactly what it is, I've never experienced it, but I'll describe it as best as I can"

"Ok, shoot"

"Okay we would start by turning off all the lights in the flat, then Nigel, that was his name, would get a red skull candle and would light it.

Then he would ask the person who was going to do it to repeat what he said".

"So what did he say?"

"I can't remember exactly but the gist of it was "Do you swear to except Satan as your master? Etc"

"You're kidding?"

"Not on your life doc!"

"What then?"

"The person, Tim in this case would stare into the flame.

And Nigel would whisper in his ear telling him to imagine walking on a road or a pathway, then telling him to imagine seeing a pair of gates.

And I watched Tim and it was like he was in a trance or something.

I don't know what happened to him during the three minutes he was in that state but he was telling us of what he saw"

"What did he say he saw?"

"He described every detail of what he saw, heard and felt and frankly it was to horrible to describe"

"Hmm, ok then"

"His condition has to do with that particular event".


"I believe that when I pulled him out he bought something with him"

"What sort of something? Like a demon?"

"Yeah, but I'm not sure myself, you see I did not know about him for another two weeks"

"What do you mean "him"?"

"Just what I said "Him".

"I am, I have to say Ms. Bunsten, still very confused"

"I can understand that doctor, and with some patience, I hope to clear up your confusion"


"Ok then, I will have patience, just as long as, in the end this helps me understand the connection to Tim"

"Once I am finished all will become clear"


"What I mean when I say "Him" is, whatever came out of the demons pit with Tim was male.

As I stated, it wasn't until two weeks later I found out about this thing".

"So how did you find out?"

"Do you remember when I told you about Tim's ability to read objects?"

"Yes I remember"

"Well we always wondered why he couldn't read objects belonging to himself, I mean he read Nigel's ring, it was given to him by his dad.

He also read Wayne's necklace, Wayne was my second boyfriend whilst I was there he lived next door to me".

"And what about you Debbie?"

"There was no way I was going to let him "read" anything of mine, who knows what he might've dug up"

"So you were scared of what he might've seen in your past?"

"Hell yes, I will freely admit that I have stuff in my past that I don't want revealed".

"That's understandable"

"So we decided to try an experiment one day"

"How so?"

"We gave him an object and told him it was Scott's, he is another tenant who drank & smoked with us, only we lied it was really Tim's"

"You decided to see if he could tell the difference?"

"Yeah, we blindfolded him so he couldn't see who gave it to him, only something went wrong. He started rubbing it, and focusing, and he was sitting up straight when he started, and then suddenly he fell back into the chair.

I thought he had passed out, in reality he had, of sorts. He actually had done something more freaky and unique".

"Like what?"

"We took off the blindfold, and it was like he wasn't there, we looked into his eyes, and it was like looking into a house you know is empty.

So we didn't know what to do so we sat down and waited for him to snap out of it, only he started talking in a strange voice, only Nigel recognised it. It was the voice of his old friend who had died in a house fire, he said he'd died playing with the fire devil.

Of course he talked funny and Nigel had to translate"

"What do you mean, "translate"? Was it a foreign language?"

"No, we recognised it as English, only it didn't sound right, he would not pronounce the words right. Sort of like this "I am Obert, I eind of Igel, I ead. I ay wit Atan, I ose, e ill me. I urn in ouse.

I in oth'r orld ow, ood ace ere, otsa irls, ood uff!"

And that's the way he talked to us"


So Debbie, after translation, what did this Robert say?"

"He said he had seen Tim, and not to worry, because he was alright. He had left his body and was astral travelling back to a past life.

Then something even weirder happened, we all, that is the four of us started seeing this vision. We were descending through the clouds, towards the Earth. Only it wasn't Australia we were going to.

We were headed toward a place with lush green grass, and huge monuments and jagged cliffs. There was the sea, and something told us it wasn't the twentieth century we were in.

As we got closer we could see five or six people standing on this cliff, five were in white robes with hoods, their hands were in the air and they were chanting.

I figured that they were Druids and this was Britain. Only as we landed and watched, one looked our way, and he was a spitting image of Tim. Only with longer hair, a mo and a beard.

And he was slightly better looking, and on his chest was a four leafed clover in the mouth of a lion in a circle of orange. I recognised the Irish flag colours, I don't know how I knew this, I also knew they were chanting in Gaelic".

"You said there were six, was the other Tim?"

"No, I couldn't see him properly but I could see enough to know it wasn't Tim.

After they had finished the one who looked like Tim went over to the other one, and they talked. We couldn't understand what was said. Then time seemed to fast forward and we the Tim look alike sneak out of their cottage late one night.

Time forwarded again we saw the four left over back on the cliff.

I figured this must've been ceremonial meeting place.

We saw the sixth there as well and as before he was slightly out of sight.

He was smiling at something and there was a bad feeling in the air. It was expectation. I think that all five knew something was going to happen.

Before long it did, there was a mist just over the water and out of it appeared a ship, it had a black sail with the skull insignia, there was an upside down cross on the very front.

As it got closer, we saw it was rowed by a few thousand skeletons".

"Did you say skeletons?"

"I did, they were armed with swords and shields and at the helm was Tim or least his look alike.

We watched as time forwarded through the impending attack, and eventual defeat and slaughter off the Druids.

Their magic didn't stop the over whelming numbers from overrunning them.

We realised what all this meant as the hidden man came out and congratulated Tim's look alike".

"What, what did it mean?"

"Tim's ancestor was a Druid like his family only he wanted absolute power instead of shared power and he betrayed his family to Satan".

"Those skeletons, they were Satan's legions?"

"Not really, just puppets, used for that event"

"What of the traitor?"

"The hidden man, after congratulating him, we heard him say "You have dome well, but absolute power, belongs only to the master, you are but a servant" and with that he branded Tim's look alike with his mark and killed him.

We came out of it after one more image. It was the image of the double of Tim, with an old Roman helmet on, this was part of his reward, that and an axe. He was now called "The Executioner" Satan's death slave. It was his job to collect evil souls and disconnect them from their bodies".


"I know, but it happened. After that Tim frequently went astral travelling while Robert was in his body. He did have John, that was The Executioner's real name, in his body once or twice but stopped when John tried to kill him.

If you're wondering how, he used Tim's arm to hold a hunting knife to his throat.

It took three of us to stop him.

Nigel told Robert to find Tim and kick his bloody arse back into his own body.

Tim came back and wouldn't let John in again.

It was about two weeks after that, that Tim decided to let me try and connect with his mind.

He was having problems with aggression, depression, loneliness, so usually the best place to do this sort of thing is the rear of the skull.

But when I tried I got a humungous jolt, and I knew he had put up a wall to stop anyone getting in and hurting him again.

He had demons, not the sort of the Bible but self made ones, Hatred, Jealousy, Anger he had all these locked away in his head, never wanting to face them.

I knew this because of a dream he told me he had, he was walking through a forest and he came upon a gypsy caravan. He said he walked inside of it and when he came out he was in a suit of armour. He then walked down a path to a castle in the air.

The castle had steps that floated on air and disappeared after you took your foot off to move it to the next one.

He said that when he got to the castle it ascended into the sky without moving.

The ground had dropped away from the castle like a rock.

He told me of how he walked through long hallways with doors that were all closed.

He finally came to a gigantic hall, it had a domed roof and towered way, way over his head. He looked around and saw only walls no doors.

There was a giant hole in the floor but he didn't have a chance to look down it because out of it exploded a demonic, deranged and utterly huge three-headed dragon.

They commenced battle, him slashing and swinging, dodging and defending. It breathing fire, ice and acid, al whilst trying to stomp on him and put one of its 5m thick tail spikes through him.

He killed it by slicing off its heads and when he finally killed it the castle started self-destructing.

He got out alive and went back to where the caravan was supposed to be but was gone. So was his armour and weapons, he woke up after that.

And I told him" to find out the answer I'll need you to relax and go to sleep because I can't enter your mind while your awake.

He did as I said and I found out what is suspected, he had constructed a landscape in his mind, in his imagination.

He called it his mindscape, the castle and forest he saw are both there, and the caravan represents a door between. The dragon represents his demons and the fact that one day he would have to face them.

The armour represented an outside force helping him, I believe that because he is still so rooted to his faith in God, God will or has helped him break the wall that was there.

God has given him access to his demons, now all he has to do is kill them"

"So what about the castle?"

"That's where he's locked all his demons, so that he can get on with life, only I believe they have escaped and he is now recapturing or destroying them".

"So he won't awaken until he has accomplished this?"

"That is what I believe"

"Well you were right, it has become a lot clearer, still unbelievable though".

"Well doctor if there's nothing else you want to know, then I did come here to visit Tim"

"Yes, yes sure, I'll show you where he is".

The doctor showed Debbie to where I was then left closing the door. John reached out from his hiding place and locked it.

Debbie hearing the click, turned and came face to hood with him.

"Who in the hell are you?"

"Don't you recognise me Debbie?" he asked as he removed the hood.

Amazingly she wasn't shocked at all. She just said "You!" almost accusingly.

"Yes me"

"I should have know you would have something to do with this"

and then it hit her, how was he alive? He had died over 700 years ago.

"Oh, my God, How…?"

"How am I here? I borrowed a bit of his life force, he sent me out. it's amazing what he can still do when he wants to"

"Are you here to finish what you started in Kallangur?"

"No, who do you think helped his father find you? Didn't you feel someone was following you even step of the way?"

"No, I must be slacking off, but then I was worried about him, for some reason"

"Well you don't know it but you're connected spiritually.

You were once lovers, back in my life. You were in love and his/my brother stole you from me.

That's why I did what I did".

"So that vision, I was part of that?"

"Yes, you were one of the four who were killed, I was angry at you for going with my brother, I didn't want you dead, but by the time I got up there..

It was too late, you were dead and my mum, and dad and brother were slowly losing. I killed my brother myself because I blamed your death on him.

He should've died first".

Debbie sat down stunned at the news.

After a few minutes she asked "what about the other two who had the vision?"

"Coincidence! Nothing more".

"So why bring me here? What can I do?"

"you have gotten closer to him than any other woman, he needs you now more than ever.

He's in there fighting alone, soon I shall join him, but he wanted me to get you and inform you.

You need to know that the demons have out a force field around his mind, I can get in and out because I'm part of him.

But you have to connect with him, physically not mentally, in essence you two must become one".

"You mean….?"

"Yes, laying your hands against his head isn't enough. I think you know what has to happen".

"Yes, I have to have sex with him, don't I?"


John then said "Take a few minutes to think it over, but if he is to live he needs it to be done, it will add strength to his defence"

He took my hand and disappeared.

Debbie sat down, conflicted decisions before her.