Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


Something has got to be said,
For the power has gone to our head,
We destroy nature like it was never there,
We pollute, and dilute, because we just don't care.

Fish are dying, nothing is left, and we kill anything,
Because we feel like it we hunt animals for their skins,
Why? What have they done?
On a day to day basis we kill like this, is there any reason for it?

Something has got to be said,
All the trees are either dying or dead,
And, what about the animals that live in the trees?
For it is their homes we destroy,
The Koalas, and Possums and all the like,
I bet as far as we're concerned,
They can just take a hike.

Something has got to be said,
Rivers are all dry in their beds,
With pollution and chemicals and all that stuff,
The water is had it there's just not enough,
Whales, Dolphins and fish are all dying.

And this we can't see?
What a stupidly blind,
Race of people are we.

When the world, wake up to itself?
Our Earth is dying, and it needs our help,
So don't be easily fooled,
Or wrongly led,
Just agree with me,
Something has got to be said.


© F R Kelly 1994