Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


Oh how I remember,
My feelings and youth, stolen from me,
I was living in denial of the one love,
That was plain to see.

When I was just a teenager,
And found through clouds of doubt,
The one love of my life,
The girl to pull me out,
Of the depression that I was in,
Oh when did it happen?
When did attraction begin?

As days turned to weeks,
I found our love turning to necessity,
We were close like two mating Doves,
No one could destroy or even take away,
The strength of our love.

But then came the day,
I found we were leaving, I objected to this obscurity,
I didn't want to go,
This wasn't how it was meant to be.

I went to where we met,
With tears a creeping, I had to say goodbye,
And with heavy lids, the playground,
My eyes were sweeping.

I remember now,
Oh how my emotions died,
And how I, happy or sad,
Never more shed tears and cried.

Then one day she enters my life,
A person whose own, special quality,
Could find the emotions,
Hidden inside of me.

Always happy since being relieved,
Of the emotional feelings wall,
That I had conceived.

I can cry again and show my fears,
She's in love with a man,
Whose brave enough,
To shed a few tears.


© F R Kelly 1998