Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


As I stand under the shower,
It is like a gentle rain,
It helps to clean and soothe me,
And takes away my pain.

It runs down over my body,
And takes away my stress,
It warms me in the wintertime,
And sometimes helps me rest.

It warms in the winter,
And cools me in the summer,
If all the damn hot water is gone,
It really is a bummer.

I stand under it for relief,
From the modern world,
One day I may share it,
With a lovely girl.

Strumming is the sound it makes,
As it taps upon my head,
A more soothing notion there is not,
Cause I haven't found it yet.

I drown out all the noise,
When I close my eyes and listen,
But boy will you ever hear me scream,
If someone flushes the cistern.

So if you troubled, in toil or stress,
Just get under the shower,
And wash these greasy things away,
With its cleansing power.


© F R Kelly