Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly



So we met one day,
On a chat line,
I knew I liked your name,
Just as much, as you liked mine.

I left you my e-mail,
And you got back to me,
I didn't expect it,
What a nice way to surprise me.

So, we started mailing,
All 'bout me and 'bout you,
I had mad a new friend,
Right outta the blue.

You wanted to know,
More about my country,
Because so far Ayres Rock,
Is all you had been to see.

We mailed 'bout hobbies,
And about poems,
I know we can still talk,
If you have to go home.

You like to go biking,
And so do I,
But out here the hills,
Aren't really that high.

We can't verbally talk,
But we haven't been muted (silenced),
I can't swim in the dam,
Because it's polluted.

But, hey thanks for your letters,
It's been great mail,
But my airtime is running out,
I just have to bail (leave).

Silence is Golden,
They always say,
Looking forward to a letter,
From you, another day.
This one's for you

© F R Kelly 1999