Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


A swaying of the trees,
A gentle summer breeze,
I looked into her eyes,
And then she kissed me.

The moon is in the sky,
The movement of her thighs,
I feel like I could fly,
Because she kissed me.

Two sexy, sensual lips,
My caressing of her hips,
On the bed where we both sit,
Is where she kissed me.

Her eyes like pools of water,
She is a strict man's daughter,
She was wild before I caught her,
And until she kissed me.

Listening to a song,
Knowing this cannot be wrong,
With you I do belong,
The girl who kissed me.

This is a sign of love,
Sent down from up above,
On the wings of a dove,
This kiss she gave me.

My heart is on fire,
She fuels my desire,
My hand is getting higher,
Because she kissed me.

I wish this moment to never end,
She is much more than just a friend,
I will surely go round the bend,
If she doesn't kiss me.

Parting is never sweet,
Never admitting to defeat,
I'll sweep her off her feet,
As she kisses me.

Putting away my sorrow,
Because I'll see you tomorrow,
Those lips I will borrow,
To have them kiss me.

And so you'd better go now,
Start to run and then how,
All I could say is wow,
When you kissed me.

That tender touch,
That gentle breeze,
One day she'll kiss me,
Just as much as she should please.


© F R Kelly 2000