Roma Writer's Group

The Works of F. Robert Kelly


On this dark cloudy day,
As I sit in my room,
I thin of the ways,
To get rid of the gloom.

Then one day I hear,
Hooray it is holidays,
And the memories flood back,
Of how I enjoyed myself, in so many ways.

They were days of friends,
And days of party games,
And days when family would name each other,
All sorts of silly names.

There were outings, and innings,
And days in the snow,
But soon that memory fades away,
The fun I had, so long ago.

Then the drives up to Noosa,
And running in the sand,
Getting very burnt and red,
Walking home with mum and dad,
And sister hand in hand.

A dream world is what my past,
Is really like to me,
Riding down the toboggans of happiness,
With quiet confidentiality.

It is like the roller coaster,
Going forth and back,
Hearing screaming, seeing smiling,
And the pain I cannot take.

Easter eggs, St Patrick's parades,
When I'm old and grey,
I'll know that these dreams,
Will never leave or fade.

Birthday presents, Christmas trees,
Are way back in the past,
But I'm hoping that the memories,
Will forever last.

Pictures are worth a thousand words,
Or at least that's what they say,
I sometimes wish I could go back to the past,
Right here, right now, today!

But now I look back, but not with gloom,
I say good bye to all the pain,
Yes! Today is a brand new day,
And I can remember again.

© F R Kelly 1998