Roma Writer's Group

The Works of Lee Goleby


Drumming somewhere close.
Awaken in the night.
Lift heavy lids to flashing.
Smile - all will be aright

Stay a while unmoving -
Hold the pleasure near.
Relief is seeping through,
For at last the gift is here.

Feel the cool caress,
The scent of the bestower.
Time to give the thanks
Before the feast is o'er.

Stumble to the door;
Feel the presence in the air.
Submit the hands, the feet;
Cool kisses linger there.

Receive the blessing on the tongue;
Sip the sweetest draught.
Weary eyes cannot perceive
The life force in the dark.

Drift back to lie and listen -
Slow, staccato beat.
Chirping, gurgling, rippling
Farewell sustaining treat.

Morning light uncovers
A legacy divine,
Sparkle, joy and colour -
A gift supremely fine.