Bird Of Prey



Written 2/2/92 to 16/7/94



I always knew there was something different about Morganna. Ever since I had known her there was always the thought that she wasn't just your average girl. She seemed normal in every way but I could never shake the feeling she was more than just Morganna (Last name unknown).

She did have a slight Irish accent, though not very strong, which made me think she had moved to Australia when she was young, for her mannerisms were clearly 100% Australian. Well, this was the woman who changed my beliefs in what this world was really all about.

I had met her a long time ago now, when I was going out with another girl. Fran was a fantastic person. She had long platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, and where ever she went she had fun. She dragged me to a lot of unusual places and we did many of crazy things together. Or more precisely, she did them while I watched. She had an insatiable appetite for sex, and in many ways could have been an ideal woman.

However, the more time I spent with her, and the more I tried to know the person inside her, the more I was convinced there was really no more to her than there was in a plantation of mushrooms. Still, I went out with her when she wanted me to, and though I had become more withdrawn from her with the passing of time, she never really seemed to notice.

This particular night she had taken me to a gay club in the Valley called the Beat. Fran really enjoyed herself there, but I admit I rarely enjoyed the place. It was really hard to be quiet while she was around and I usually ended up getting into something outrageous.

I didn't notice Morganna for quite awhile. I usually just watched Fran dance by herself on the dance floor, or else I watched the occasional person who came in the front door. Rarely, if ever, did I look seriously at the crowds around me.

The evening started off fine and Fran spent several hours on the dance floor with her skirt tucked up into her belt. As she came of the floor yet again for another drink, her breath came in short gasps and the sweat trickled invitingly down her cleavage.

She began talking about the dance tracks in between crunching on her glass of ice. Her thoughts changed and she began talking about some of the gossip people had said while she danced with them, and she even pointed out a middle aged couple who had been watching her intently. She gave them a wave and they smiled back at her. Sometimes I wondered if she ever cared where she was going to be every night.

Fran got up and motioned for me to join her while she met the couple, but I refused, causing her to shrug her shoulders and say, "Your loss."

I watched her for a while as she laughed and giggled with the pair, sometimes leaning forward to let her dress open to tease them.

Looking around the room through the smoke revealed a typical gathering at the Beat. As the night wore on the transvestites came out in force (Fran always got on well with them). There were also the usual gay couples I had seen there on many occasions. Amongst them were groups of girls who visited the place to dance by themselves away from the pressures of the normal night clubs where gangs of younger men vied with the odd older one for their pleasures. Here they could dance as they pleased and mix with guys they knew would have no intention of hitting on them.

At the far end of the bar, away from the door but with a direct line of sight to it, sat Morganna. She was watching me as my eyes crossed over her. Her eyes never left mine, though she didn't give the impression of staring at me. Not particularly looking for the attentions of another girl, even though Fran sat nearby becoming ever more daring with the couple she sat with, I looked quickly away from Morganna and back to the dance floor where several school girls were writhing amongst themselves as they moved to the rhythm.

I bought another XXXX and sat next to the dance floor, on a small step below a length of open bench, where drinkers could lean and watch the energy on the dance floor.

The dancers had been the focus of my attention for only a short while when someone sat down beside me and put their hand on my knee. Instinctively I put my hand to hers and gave it a small squeeze without even looking at her. My senses returned when the hand squeezed back. Fran always loved having little signs of affection shown to her like squeezing her hand or telling her how beautiful she was. She always accepted these with a flirtatious smile but never returned them. Her only method of returning anyone's affections was to get them into bed.

The eyes opposite looked directly back at me and I blushed, looking away from her.

"She's left you alone again."

"She always does. It's just the way she is," I said, almost defending Fran even though I had to agree with the woman.

"I know she leaves you alone a lot. You like her but you'll never be serious about her, will you," she said matter of factly.

I looked at the woman with mouth agape, but still I clasped her hand as though I wanted it to stay there.

"Don't worry, I've been watching you for a long time now. With the right incentive people are quite keen to talk about her. She amuses them, as she no doubt muses you, but she doesn't have their respect."

"What are you doing?" I asked, not sure where this conversation was going or even why she was talking to me. Her hand in mine felt good though, so I restrained my words so the question was a friendly one.

She stood and smiled, tugging me at the same time.

"Let's walk," and so she led me outside into the street. The traffic was subdued by this time of night, there were very few pedestrians, and most of these were walking toward the centre of the valley. She led me in the direction of the middle of Brisbane. I walked beside her and watched her face intently for any sign.

I began asking her questions, who was she? Where were we going? But she only put her finger to her lips to quieten me and so I thought to myself as we walked.

I had never seen her before though she obviously had seen me. Still, this was nothing new. There were probably hundreds of women out there that I had seen who would never know me at all. I stirred my memory of the people I had noticed at the Beat before, and some of these brought a smile to my face. We turned into China Town and she sat me on a ledge before the fountain there.

"Wait here a minute," she said and disappeared into an arcade across the mall. I never liked being in China Town, even during the day. I guess I had seen too many movies on the goings on in the American ones to be too comfortable in this one.

She walked back to me holding a brown paper bag and a can of Pepsi. I noticed her for the first time. She wore a black dress with cut outs across her stomach in the shape of a spider's web, which showed her white flesh below. Her figure was pleasing without being thin. I never liked thin girls too much (Fran was much too skinny). Her hair was long (another feature I like) and was deep black. Her eyes were black too. She walked on low black shoes, her legs sheathed in black stockings with little roses on them. Over one ear a small red flower was pinned to her hair. As she sat down beside me I noticed that the dress had virtually no back at all, revealing some very white skin.

She handed me the food and stood up. I opened the bag and began eating the steak sandwich she had bought me.

"Sorry I didn't get you a beer," she said, "but I know it gives you a headache."

I stopped mid-bite and looked up at her suspiciously. I didn't mind getting a free feed from a girl, but I didn't expect her to know that about me. I had told very few people beer gave me a headache. I had one occasionally when I went out with Fran because I was usually too staid when I was with her so I had one to loosen up even though I knew I would have a splitter in the morning. The Pepsi too was suspicious. Most of the drink machines around were Coke machines. I don't like Coke at all and prefer Pepsi.

Things were looking strange.

I looked at her and she at me and we said nothing.

She shuffled her feet and put her hands behind her back, as if waiting for me to do something.. My reaction: I bit into the sandwich. Free food was free food and not to be scorned. Okay, so I'm cheap. Sue me.

"My name is Morganna," she began, "I've been watching you for awhile. I've seen you come into the Beat with her several times."

"Odd, " I said, "I've never noticed you and Fran has never mentioned you as one of the regulars. She knows most of them."

"She knows most of them quite intimately," was the cutting reply. "I can be invisible when I want to be." I assumed she was being metaphorical, of course. "I don't like the way she leaves you alone a lot. I think a man and a woman should be together most of the time. It's wrong that they should be apart when they are together."

This was getting too much for me. "Hold it, lady. My business is my business, and what Fran and I do is up to us. I don't even know you and your talking the philosophy of love and making out Fran is no good. Lady, whatever you're up to you're confusing me." That was a true statement. I had no idea what she was talking about. Still, the beer would have taken the sharpness of my usually quick mind.

By this time I was standing up and looking down into her eyes. It was clear she was becoming quite nervous. Perhaps she had planned this and now it was going wrong for her. Good. I didn't like to think people could manipulate me into fitting in with their plans. Her eyes searched my face before she lowered her head and looked around, obviously in deep and quick thought.

Her reaction was to grab my hand and drop to her knee, pleading with me not to leave. Her head was bowed and she was shaking. Overcoming my initial shock at her action I quickly began to laugh at the absurdity of the situation and sat down. She still knelt before me and looked up at me with a tear in her cheek, but a huge smile spread across her face as I laughed, and she laughed too.

She leaned across and opened the Pepsi, offering it up to me. I shook my head, "You bought it, you drink first."

"I bought it for you," she whispered and placed it in my hand. I drank and ate while she sat before me and watched. Everything I did she watched, and each time I looked at her, her eyes met mine and she smiled. As I finished the sandwich I put my hand forward to touch her face. She blushed and lowered her head, but my hand tilted it back up and I leaned over to kiss her.

She turned her cheek and I kissed her there, where upon she stood and looked down at me. She wore no make up, her lips very red against the white of her face. Pulling a small black book from a pocket I still couldn't see she asked me to write my number and address in it for her.

I opened it to the M's and found my name already neatly written there. She was very sure of herself to have done that but still she had succeeded and now she had my number and address.

She took the book from me and put it back where it had come from, but as she moved I could see no indication of it in the line of her dress. She leaned down, letting the dress hang from her body. In my intoxication of the view beneath the material, she lifted me up so that I stood before her. Kissing me gently on the cheek, she squeezed my hand and turned away, heading toward the darker side of the Valley.

As I approached the Beat again I saw Fran sitting outside at the bus stop. She knew I would return as I had her money for the taxi fare home. She said nothing at all to me that night. She didn't even invite me in or tell me how she got on with the couple. Nor did I ask her any questions. I got into my car and drove home.

As I lay in bed that night I thought of Morganna. It was a new experience to have a girl chase after me, and it was certain she was quite smitten. I turned her over in my mind to explore my first impressions of her. She was both innocent and yet very experienced in what she had done. Something made me think she was quite intelligent, yet nothing she did told me much about herself. I decided I liked her but I didn't expect to hear from her again. Maybe one day I would run into her. Besides, it would be something to talk about in the retirement home years in the future.


Fran wouldn't talk to me for a few days. Each time I called her she hung up on me. By the end of the week, though, we were going to the Breakfast Creek Hotel for dinner. I parked outside and we looked around the shops there before ordering. We talked for a while and she told me about the couple, who had stayed with her during the week. It was always interesting to listen to her escapades, though I was never really jealous of her extra exploits.

We walked up the tower there, for the view of course. Fran said she had been watching it for a while and no one had gone up, so we would be alone. As we passed the last few steps Fran's laughter stopped. Across the platform stood a familiar figure, clad now in a red dress and shoes, a small pink rose fixed over one ear.

Fran turned and slapped me, accusing me of inviting her to join us, then stormed off down the stairs.

I looked at Morganna and she smiled knowingly at me. I smiled back and she gave a little wave before I left to follow Fran. She stood impatiently at the car, calling me several names and threatening to never see me again. As we got into the car I couldn't help laughing at her. She was jealous. She slept with just about any one she came across, but now someone took an interest in me she was all claws. I guess she could be excused, it had always been the way she wanted up to now. As we pulled away I saw Morganna stopped half way down the stairs watching us.

Once I got Fran home she had cooled down and I swore to her I didn't know who the girl was or how to get in touch with her. I even showed her my black book that just had her name in it, plus a few shops I deal with around town. She said she believed me but told me to never have anything to do with that girl again or we were through. I carried Fran inside and enjoyed her company for the night.

Morganna still teased my mind. I wondered how she got up to the tower. Of all the places to run into her, this was really strange.

For the next few weeks Fran and I went out during the day. Sometimes we went to Redcliffe to walk along the beach or else we went shopping or headed to the hills for a picnic lunch.

Then I didn't hear from her at all. I rang her several times, but each time the phone rang out. It wasn't too unusual so I didn't worry about it.


Early Saturday I woke to the sound of the phone. A soft feminine voice greeted me and it took a few minutes before I registered it was Morganna.

She asked me how I was and what I had been up to. She said she hadn't been doing much lately, just working and she wondered if I would see her that night. She sounded really tired so I declined her offer. She said she really wanted to see me, so we decided on a date for Thursday. She would pick me up and we would go for a drive.


The week went no quicker or slower than usual. She picked me up early Thursday night and we went driving the back roads north west of Brisbane, eventually parking her white commodore at the face of the North Pine Dam. We walked from the car over to the observation building and up to the second floor. It's an open structure, we leant against the railing, a gentle breeze blowing from the dam as we chatted.

As the moon rose we saw two fishermen pull up nearby and disappear down the cliff face. Her apricot dress was as soft as it was short and did little to keep her warm from the breeze. She snuggled up close to me and whispered she was cold while my hand explored the small of her back. Her dark hair shone in the moonlight and waved gently in the wind.

I felt a shiver run down her spine, which caused her to cling tighter to me and nuzzle into my neck, kissing me gently. I held her there, feeling the warmth of her lips on my flesh and the growing heat of her body through the thin material she wore. Her nuzzling became more passionate and I had to push her away before I became infected with her desire.

She looked at me hungrily from arms length, and I could see confusion mixed in with her hunger.

"Easy, little one. I'm in no hurry." Which was true, I wasn't. She tried to move closer but I held her back. It wasn't easy either, she was strong and I was half inclined to let her win anyway. After a short struggle she backed away from me and sat on a concrete bench, looking out over the water. The wind blew her hair out over the railing, and she crossed her legs to stop shivering. Her white stockings glowed palely in the moonlight.

"I want you," she said peacefully.

I looked out over the water and listened to the fishermen casting off.

"I know," I replied, "but I don't understand why."

Small waves lapped on the shore below, and further out, several bats were swooping over the water in search of food. A mullet leapt from the water not far from the shore and we both watched it land with a subdued splash.

I looked across at her and watched her eyes gazing at the view.

"I love you," she said. From where I stood I could see a crystal tear caress her cheek and for a few moments we thought in silence.

I moved over behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. Her head hung down and I was afraid she was going to cry.

"That's beautiful," and with those words I brushed her hair aside and leant down to kiss her behind one ear. My kisses trailed down her neck and across her cheek, and I softly turned her head to me and kissed those red lips. She pulled away a little and looked up at me.

"This is difficult." Her voice was trembling as much as her body. I pulled her up and hugged her close. "I'm hungry," she whispered in my ear. I felt her hot breath on my neck and held her even tighter, pulling her head into my neck and caressing her back.

"Then let's go eat," I ventured.

Suddenly she was out of my arms and at the top of the stairs looking at me momentarily with tear filled eyes before descending the darkness of the stairs.

"Morganna, Morganna," I whispered after her, "what are you up to?"

Looking over the railing she was already at the car and getting in.

"I must leave," she called, "I'll call you soon. I love you." And then the car was gone in a squeal of wheels.

I left the building, climbed down the cliff face and talked to the fishermen for a while. It would be a long walk home. At least eight kilometres.


The long walk gave me a chance to think, not that I knew what was going on anyway. Next time I saw Morganna, we were taking MY car, that was for sure! She intrigued me with her mysterious ways and more so by her innocence. Somehow I couldn't think of not seeing her again. Of course, if Fran found out there would be hell to pay, but of course I wasn't going to tell her. So I figured if Morganna and I went out it would have to be somewhere quiet where Fran's influences wouldn't reach.

Fran called me on Saturday and invited me over for lunch. I showed at her door as usual to have her throw a bucket of scraps all over me before slamming the door and yelling obscenities at me from inside. I figured she knew about Morganna. Still, I had done nothing more than kiss the girl, whereas what Fran had been up to was something I should have been mad at. Call me tomorrow was all I said before I left.


Another week went by in mellow silence. Sometimes it's good to be by yourself for a while. Still, it brought a smile to my face to find two letters a my door on Friday night. One was from Fran telling me what a slime I was and to never go near her again. I threw that one away. The second was from Morganna. She said she was picking me up on Saturday and to be ready for anything.

She picked me up and we went cruising through town in her white commodore. We seemed to be just cruising around, so I asked her where we were going. She looked at me and giggled. "We'll be there soon."

We drove on.

"Who are you Morganna?"

She glanced at me sideways with a suspicious look on her face.

"What do you mean?"


"I'm me, who else would I be?"

"Morganna, I don't know where you work or what you do. I don't know where you live or how to get in contact with you. I don't even know your last name. I don't know who you are."

"You know all those old Arthurian legends where the knight meets a fairy queen who promises to love him for ever as long as he doesn't ask her where she is from or what her name is or stuff like that?"

"Yeah, and one day he has to ask her and she is forced to leave because he broke his promise not to ask. So what?"

"What if I have to leave?"

"I'll take the risk Morganna. Who are you?"

"You're ready to risk everything to know, are you?"

"Come on Morganna, give it a rest. Isn't it reasonable to know about the girl you're hanging around with.. Besides, if you don't I'll draw my sword out and cut your head off, okay."

Morganna raised her eyebrows at me and smiled. "Look who's over there," she pointed. I turned to see Fran standing outside the Beat waiting for someone. Morganna beeped her horn and I sank into the seat. Fran saw us and described us in some unfriendly terms. Morganna smiled at her and waved. "Sore loser," she whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing really." I knew there was something more between these two women than I knew about.

She powered up the street and turned left, stopping at a red light. I grabbed her arm. "Morganna, what do you mean?" I got the impression I was asking the same question yet again. The skin on her bare arms felt hot.

She looked at me for a long minute before taking off.

"Let's go for a bit of a drive."

She turned the car left again and we went northwards until we were on the freeway out of Brisbane. Once on the freeway she brought the car up to about one hundred and forty kilometres. She still wouldn't tell me where we were going or anything else. I wondered what I was doing here.

I didn't know.

The shrill wail of a siren brought me back to my senses. Looking over the back seat I could see the blue flashing lights approaching. The speedo was still on one hundred and forty.

"You better pull over Morganna, they've got you."

She looked at me. "Watch this." The car accelerated and she pulled into the right hand lane, zooming past another slower car. The wail continued and the lights kept flashing.

"Morganna, pull over."

"Mark, you're the passenger. Let me drive."

I waived madly at the cop car and pointed at Morganna. When they pulled her over at least it would look as though I had tried to do something.

The car accelerated again. The speedo stopped at two hundred. I suspected we were going faster.

I prayed.

"Hold on, it's going to get bumpy now." With an exaggerated motion she floored the accelerator. The car went faster. I held on for grim life. I couldn't watch. The cop car couldn't match the speed she was doing, I doubt and F111 could. She pulled into the turn off for Bribie Island and turned onto the overpass. The speedo was once again registering one hundred and forty.

The road wound along the shore before approaching the bridge across the channel. The water shone silver with a bright moon. A few clouds hung brilliant white out to sea, otherwise the sky was filled with light from across the universe. She crossed the island and turned north, following the shoreline before pulling over in a clump of bushes. The seat belt was off in a flash and she was out of the car before it registered we were stopped.

She opened the door. "This way, gallant knight." I sat there motionless.

"I want to go home."

"It's too late, we're here."

"Morganna, this is too strange and confusing. Take me home."

She leaned in, letting the black dress hang from her body, distracting me long enough for her to release the seat belt and take my hand.

The hand pulled me out. The warmth of her skin on mine kept the contact. Somehow my hand wouldn't leave hers no matter how hard I tried.

"You wanted to know..." she mumbled as she led me along the sand trail over the dunes and onto the white beach. The surf crashed on the beach, sending echoes rolling up and down the deserted stretch. The tide was rolling in. Wind raced in over the water, curling the heads of the waves. It chilled me, but the heat coming to me from the contact with her was all I could really feel

She let go of my hand. I could really feel the cold.

Something as wrong.

From overhead came a deep rumble. Looking up I saw a single dark cloud hovering above, blotting the otherwise bright night sky. The moon stood serenely over the horizon, casting its' pale glow over the restless waters.

A sharp crack from above startled me, the sands lighting up with a blue flash. A single strand of electric blue hung from the sky, splintering silently in the sand. The blue rushed like the waves across the sand, rippling out from the point of impact, but concentrating about the dark form standing near me.

Light flashed across her features, bathing her in its' blue tint. Her eyes flashed darkly, and she watched me intently while the blue collected about her feet. She turned and faced the ocean, the waves crashing silently on the shore. Somehow no sound floated across that stretch of sand. A chill wind blew from the north east, pushing a low bank of fog around the headland. The whole situation was too unnatural. I shook with fear.

"Morganna," I called, but she wasn't looking at me, and for some reason I couldn't even hear my own voice. The fog rolled across the waters and surrounded us. The blue still played about the figure before me.

The scene was other worldly. I couldn't believe such a sight was possible. Fear touched me inside, forcing me to back away from the sight. Closing my eyes and turning away I ran for the dunes lost somewhere in the fog around me.

For several seconds I ran before I realised I should have been among the dunes by now. I looked around in panic. No sound came to my ears and the blue glow had vanished in the fog. The sand clung heavily to my feet and each step was a struggle.

My heart was beating crazily and my breathing was heavy. Falling to my feet I buried my head beneath my arms and closed my eyes, wishing I would wake up. The cold chilled me.

I lay there, incoherent and totally overcome by the situation. The air itself seemed to push in on me and even the smell of the salt water seemed to have the scent of something unnatural. The world around me was a soundless whirling of silver grey strands, leaving a small zone around me clear of the disturbance, where the sand glowed white from a moon that was no where in sight.

I swore to myself that I was insane, and I promised out loud I would never do it again, though in the state I was in I didn't even know what it was that I had done wrong.

I rolled over and looked about me at the mist. It moved in a circle about me, sending me dizzy as I watched. A sliver of electric blue ran across the sand from out of the swirling grey, the fog behind it swirling into an archway along which walked a dark figure. The electric blue seemed to melt into the sand and vanish. I hoped in vain I could follow it.

I screamed a soundless cry and covered my eyes while trying to scurry backwards. I only succeeded in sprawling onto my back as the figure loomed over me. The cold bit into my body and numbed me. I was almost devoid of all senses except for the sight of the figure.

I think I passed out.

The next thing I felt was an intense heat as my arm was lifted from across my face. My senses seemed to return in a rush and I opened my eyes, hoping the dream was over.

There she stood above me, small slivers of electric blue arcing across her body. She knelt down beside me. I could see tears in her eyes. I felt her hand on my face and the warmth from it spread across my cheek. I nuzzled against those fingers. She leant over me, her dress hanging from her body revealing her hardened nipples. The view seemed almost surrealistic. Her lips touched mine.

I swear I felt her soul diffuse into mine and I had an incredible feeling of weightless abandon. The movement of her lips across my cheek scorched me. It was an indescribable feeling, her body pressing down on me with the heat emanating from her. The chill was gone.

"I'm hungry," she whispered.

The whole situation clicked in my head.

I wrenched her from above me and scrambled free. A chill wind blew about me, freezing me to the core. I crouched facing her.

"Leave me be, leech," I hissed. I held my fingers before me in a cross and inched away from her. She collapsed onto the sand and sobbed. Tears rolled freely down her cheeks and I could distinctly hear the intake of her breath between her sobs.

"I love you," she cried into the sand.

I tried to rise but could only crouch there and watch her clutch the sand.

"What do you want from me?"

"Your love."

"So you lured me here to feed on me? Drain me of my blood and be on your merry way? Why me?"

"I love you." She looked up at me. "I couldn't hurt you."

"But you want to feed on me, don't you?"

No," she blurted out, "I couldn't hurt you."

"But you kept saying you were hungry, Morganna." I dropped my fingers and stood up. I looked down on the pitiful figure lying before me. The wind whistled by, the cold making me shiver. The electric blue slivers fell away from her body and melted into the sand. The wind blew her dark hair across her face and her body arched with the cold.

"I'm cold, Mark," she whispered. "I love you."

The breakers rolled somewhere to my right and I could smell the salt water very strongly. A huge wave smashed onto the sand a few metres away, sending foam flying through the air and a huge slab of water across the sand that smashed into Morganna with a thump. With a high pitched scream she rolled with the water up the beach, collapsing as the water retreated.

Her dress lay beside her, half ripped from her body. She sobbed as the water flowed off her, shaking violently as she clutched at the wet sand.

I don't know why, but I moved to her. Laying her dress across her form, I slipped my arms under her neck and legs and lifted her up her arms circling my neck. The coldness of her wet body was even worse than the wind blowing about us. Carrying her up the beach, I laid her on the gentle rise of the dunes. She her arms slipped from around me and hugged herself to keep warm.

The moonlight spread out on our little scene, lighting up her face. Her dark eyes opened wide, looking at me. My hand caressed the soft curves of her cheek, a smile spreading across her face. She shivered.

I descended on her, kissing her lips, my arms circling her, cradling her head with one hand. Kissing my way across her cheek I nuzzled into her neck. Holding her tightly I pushed her face onto my own neck.

"Feed, Morganna," I said and held her as tight as I could.

I felt her lips touch onto my neck, and the sensation of her tongue and teeth on my ear gave me a tender loving feeling. Her hand moved behind my head and pulled me close onto her jaws.

Her heart was beating crazily, I could see her pulse in the vein of her neck. She trembled in my arms, I could feel the warmth spreading from her contact with me. Her body was as though it was part of me and the scent of her femininity overpowered my senses. Collapsing forward onto the sand she rolled me from on top of her. Heaving with each breath she reached her hand out to take mine, our fingers meshing together. Sliding on top of me she laid her head on my chest, her wet hair clinging to her face.

I brushed the hair from her as she closed her eyes. We lay there for several hours while she slept, the warmth of her frame flowing into me. Somehow as we rested together I could feel her again merging with my spirit and in the deepening night we slept like innocents.


I awoke several hours later to the feeling that something else had joined our tryst. Opening my eyes to the pre dawn light revealed a feral cat pawing at Morganna's hair. Moving my arm it coiled back and scampered away to the tree line. I laid her on the sand and shook her lightly. She didn't wake, her breathing was very shallow.

Lifting her form I carried her to the car. She whimpered in protest as I withdrew from laying her on the back seat, but she didn't wake.

Slipping the key into the ignition, I fumbled with the manual gears and drove her back to my place.

Laying her back on my bed I removed the shredded remains of her wet dress while she slumbered. By the sixty watt globe I visually explored her body as best as I could (call me a pig if you will). She bore no scars, birthmarks or other defects. Her skin was milky white and as I turned the light out it glowed in the night light. I threw the black cloth in the washing box and returned with a wash towel and bathed the salt from her as best I could.

I buried her beneath the warmth of my tiger skin doona and by sunrise I had covered the windows so no light would fall on her. Yawning, I slid in beside her and wrapped her up in my arms. She had not bitten me.


I woke several times that day. I had breakfast and lunch and managed a bath, but each time I returned to her side and held her in my arms. In the feeble light I watched her breathing until I fell asleep next to her.

Later in the afternoon a wind arose outside and soon it was raining. Several times I looked at her and wondered if I should find a wooden stake and finish her off. Somehow it was too hard to rise and stop gazing at her face.

Morganna was a beautiful woman. By no means knock 'em dead gorgeous but still very attractive. Her beauty seemed to glow from inside her rather than what form her flesh took on the outside. Several times I had the urge to take her while she slept, but each time I got no further than clutching her tightly in my arms and telling her I loved her.

Night drew near and she became restless as she slept. Several times she spoke silent words as she tossed about but each time she cuddled back up to me.

I waited with feelings of anticipation and dread for the sun to set. This night she would either destroy me or something very special would begin (Okay, so I'm a closet romantic). The lashing of the rain outside was peaceful and I was lulled into a light sleep where I would open my eyes every now and again to look at the woman next to me.


An explosion of thunder that seemed to emanate from within the house sat us both bolt upright in surprise. She turned to me in the dark and looked at me.

"What am I doing here?" she whispered.

"Nothing much."

Suddenly she realised her naked condition and pulled the doona up to her neck.

"Where are my clothes?"

"Your dress got ripped last night, remember? I would have taken you home if I knew where it was, but you never told me, so I brought you here instead. I took the ripped dress from you and washed the salt water from you. That's all."

"You didn't..."

"No I didn't! You should know that!"

"Just checking. Why did you bring me here? You know what I am. Why did you help me?"

"I don't know, I just did. Call me old fashioned but I just can't leave a woman lying half naked and passed out on a beach, even if you are a vampyre. You are, aren't you?"

She stopped and looked about at the room.

"Yes, I am. You were going to let me feed on you last night, weren't you?"

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Tonight I'm not so sure."

"I'm hungry, Mark."

"You want to feed?" I watched her closely for any sudden movements.

"No, I'm hungry. Come with me."

She stood, took me by the hand and led me outside, her naked form glowing in the rain. As she drove, her presence distracted me. I had no idea where we went, eventually stopping at a large brick house on a hill (original, I know).

I followed her inside, through an entry room into an internal room that must have been almost as large as the house. It was dominated by heavy beams and columns supporting the roof. In the centre stood a huge lace canopied bed, while decorating the walls were several swords, axes and shields. To one side there was a huge wall size TV screen and stereo system built into the wall. Several incense burners glowed faintly in the corners.

"Welcome to my den," she gestured, crossing the room and turning on the air conditioner. "Have a look around, I'm too impatient for the formalities. I'll get changed and be back in a minute." She left through a door that looked like it went into a bathroom and a light clicked on inside.

Changed, I thought. She was wearing nothing. Such a silly thing to say. Fear still gripped me and being sarcastic to myself was definitely not helping.

I looked at the weapons on the wall and took a sword down. Pays to be armed, just in case. I had offered her my throat before and she had declined, but could I still trust her? After all, who can you trust these days? Weighing the sword in my hands I tested it with a few swings. If she was going to get me I would go down swinging. Ha, I'd be no pushover for her. No sir, not me!

"Lights," she said, startling me. I swung about, sword in hand. Several large chandeliers switching on, seemingly at her command. She stood on the other side of the room.

A black teddy covered enough of her body to be interesting, her hair brushed out and laid across her shoulders like a mantle. She had applied deep red lipstick and purple and green eye shadow highlighted the glittering eyes that watched me. A smirk crossed her face as she saw the sword.

"Do you like it?" she asked, but I wasn't sure if she meant the sword I was holding or the woven collection of brief lace she wore. Unable to decide which she meant I decided to stay quiet.

"I picked that up a long time ago."

I wondered just how long ago. Who was this creature before me? She looked like a woman, god, she looked like a woman! But there was the little matter of her being a vampyre, which was okay in these non discriminatory times. Every one has a right to be what they want. And there was my reluctance to die as a midnight snack.

"Maybe I should go home. I have to get up early to go to work tomorrow." Backing slowly to the exit I grasped the hilt of the sword with both hands.

"Don't go."

"Um, you don't have to drive. I'll walk, it's not far. I'll be okay." Please, please let me get out of here!

"I'm hungry, Mark."

I backed into the wall and in my surprise raised the weapon threateningly before me.

"I'm hungry, Mark. I'm not going to kill you, at least not in the way you think." She walked toward me with a conscious effort to sway sexily, which at this point in time just wasn't working. "I'm not going to eat you, okay. Now put the sword down."

I watched her move toward me, but the sword stayed where it was. She laughed gaily, her eyes glinting.

"I have to do this," she said." Now put the sword down." Her hand rose toward me, a sliver of electric blue leaping from it and hitting the tip of the sword, bathing its length in iridescent blue. I leapt away from the sword as the charge went through my hand, the sword clattering uselessly on the floor.

I was defenceless to this scantily clad vampire who was closing in on me. I recoiled against the wall in terror, nowhere to go!

"I'm hungry." She stopped before me.

I looked into her eyes and we stared at each other for a long time. I raised my hand to touch her, but it would only go so far. She turned, took a few steps and turned back to me. Her hands moving up her frame, slowly sliding the straps of the sheer garment from her shoulders. The front of her teddy fell open. In confusion I looked from her fiery eyes to her bare chest and back to her eyes. They sparkled at me, drawing me to her, beckoning me on.

"I'm hungry," she giggled as she bounded to the canopied bed, breaking her spell. With a leap she landed amongst the plush pillows, bouncing up and down as she looked at me.

Hang on, something's going on here.

She blushed and drew down the covers of the bed. With a grin of sudden understanding I was chasing her to the bed, diving down next to her, the bed shaking with our collision. I kissed her and wrestled across the bed with her until we broke for the first round.

She drew a remote control from beneath a pillow and on the wall the screen flickered on. Pressing a few more buttons our faces appeared on the screen looking down on us, her giggling amplified on the speakers. The camera angle changed to a full length view of the bed.

"Hey, I know them," I said, waving up at the guy waving back at me.

"I'm hungry," she said. "I just want you to be aware of that."

"Oh, I know now."

Yep, she was hungry.

Hungry for love.