By Chronofus 11PM 4/5/1999

 I've walked alone before, I'll walk alone again,

So I'll walk on forever in the company of a heart that won't mend.

So before I complete my journey and see it draw close at the end,

Someone reach out their hand and walk with me as a friend.


Someone take this heart off of me 'cause I can't use it anymore,

I tried, but I just don't know what it's for.

It just never seems to be the same,

All it does is carry all this pain.

I looked for a replacement, some bodies spare part,

But I just can't find a cure for this broken heart.


I tried to hide from her words in my mind,

Butnothing's going to protect me this time.

Every silent syllable echoes in my head,

Sounds only to remind me my heart is dead.


A million pieces fall sifting through my hand,

I know I should be strong, hold back the tears and make a stand.

I don't know what I'm doing, and where I'm going to go,

When I can find th epieces together I just don't know.


So someone take this heart off of me 'cause I can't use it anymore,

I tried but I just don't know what all the pieces are for.

They just lie there staring up at me,

Reflecting the pain that's welling up in me.


So where does a man walk when he's lost his heart?

Who'll walk beside him and show him th epath?

What's going to happen, what comes next?

Someone take this heart and give me rest.


Make it leave me be, I don't want to die,

I don't want to lay here every night and cry,

Stop haunting me and filling my world,

All I wanted was that one special girl.


So it's over, I see that, stop telling me why,

Give me back my heart and let me fly,

Someone help me with this heart of mine,

All I'm asking is a little time.

Show me the way, show me the key,

To fix all the pieces that once were me.


I know it's a small thing, but it's all I got,

Someone do something so the hurting will stop.

My life isn't mine, it's a hollow shell,

A weight on my shoulders leading to the tolling bell.


So before I get there and reach the end,

Someone take this heart and help it mend.

Someone do something to get it fixed,

I can't find allt hpieces and broken bits,

It's all beyond me now, an impossible task,

But to put it together is all i ask.


So standing here under heaven, and stars and sky,

I raise up my voice and to the world I cry,


Please, someone do something with this heart!