by Chronofus

28th September 1999

I came, I saw, I went home
I don't know why Iventured out really,
\Nothing in particular to interest me.
I didn't see anything to even stir the dust in my heart.
I sit at home and think there must be something out there.
And while I'm out there I think it's so pointless, I should be home.
It seems there is so much to think about,
And yet days are spent, mind wandering,
Yet thinking of nothing at all,
Just coasting through each blind second just to get it over.
I seem to be going nowhere at all.
So while Caesar may come & see & conquor,
I come and yawn, settle in for a nap,
And float on through to the other side.
Yeah, I know it's exciting,
Life's all fun and games.
So let me get it over,
The whistles blown & I got trounced.
Time for this losing team to go home,
And think about playing again.
Maybe next week. Maybe next season.
Perhaps it's time to retire after all?
Sometimes it seems so pointless just chasing a ball.
Maybe I can sit on the sideline & spectate,
Laze on a blanket, drink some fizz,
And let someone else play the game.
I could raise an eyebrow,
If the energy consumes me,
See who's on the field.
But if anything takes my eye,
Maybe the best thing to do,
Would be to check the rules,
Because I'm sure the goalposts have moved,
And I've been shooting own goals.