By Chronofus

It's a grey strewn sky, the ground puddled under my boot The words you have spoken, they have struck me mute Why is the sky so cloudy, as black as my thoughts A minute ago I was happy, But a word is a deadly weapon

Don't say you love me, even if you do : Don't say you love me, even if it's true : Why does a word cut me so deep,and tear my world apart : Why did you have to tell me

Your eyes watch me, every where I go : I know you're watching, I pretend I don't know : I know you love me, so just let it go

I want to be free, and waste my life away : To be by myself, and wake up alone every day : Don't say you love me, even if you do : I can see it in your eyes, god knows it's true

It's the brutal truth, like a shot from the dark : Straight between the eyes, its blown me apart : I can feel it choking me, your burning heart : Drowning me in red, this macabre art : We are dead, doomed from the start : Who wrote this scene, this macabre art : It's done for, baby, you and me : Don't say you love me, set me free