By Chronofus - 12/4/05

This poem was written after a Writer's Group meeting for which the topic was 'sometimes I Love You can be the hardest words to say.' I happened to be away for several meetings, and people were discussing their efforts on this topic when I did turn up without any work, except some historical research I was working on. Naturally it was a topic that held a little certain interest, About a week later, while waiting to go to an evening meeting for some landcare work, I sat at a Chinese restaurant and within half an hour these words had tumbled out.

A twist in the tail that is love's story
Why do bends always come around
When the destination is straight ahead

Perhaps it's a tease,
A test of the course,
A journey of importance
That might end in remorse

What words were true
What words were false,
What words had true meaning
That betrayed my thoughts.

What is the story of love?
I wonder if it has an answer.
It makes no sense
That's for sure.

It can be hard to say I love you
With a heart behind,
And a heart before,
And a long way to fall onto stony ground.'

To cast out I love you,
To let it float in the breeze,
To share it among others,
As if it could be done with ease.

An illusion of faith,
A vision of trust.
It says so little,
And says so much.

It is no baited hook,
Not set to trap.
And what you catch,
You can always give back.

Say I love you, I love you,
Say it three times,
Look to the heavens,
To read the signs.

It doesn't always stick,
It isn't always right,
It isn't always shiny,
And not always bright.

Who's to say,
Where true love can be found,
It leaves no clue,
It makes no sound.

There's no way to be sure,
No method so true,
As to look in her eyes,
And share I love you.