I Believe

Late 2000

by Chronofus

I believe somewhere along the line it all works out.

I believe in happy endings, even if you're not sure what they are.

They're there staring you in the face if you take the time.

I believe the sun will keep on shining,

It's just that sometimes it's winter & sometimes it's summer

I know sometimes rain is good,

It washes things & makes new things grow.

I believe I can make,

I'd just rather not do it alone.

I believe in taking a journey as long as there's still a home.

I believe people can work together,

I'm just unlucky I've never seen it happen.

I believe in peace & harmony,

Though it may seem an idealistic notion.

I can believe if I really want to,

Sometimes it's all that keeps me going.

It's sure a wacky world, and mostly it makes no sense.

All chaotic as it is, and split up by a great big fence.

So while I may sit on the rail & imagine all the possibilities,

And debate the pros & cons,

Somewhere along the line someone makes a difference,

Even if sometimes they do it alone.

When they do, I believe, they do their best,

Though sometimes I know they're overloaded and can't give it all they've got.

I believe that the odds will round it out, take the highs & lows,

Put them all together & somehow we get there anyway.

So what may come & go, the blend evens it out.

So, in the end, I know it will happen, the world will fall over the line.

The question I want to know, is will it be in my time?

I'd really like it to be, I want to see it come true.

It's what I believe will happen, somehow we'll all pull through.

So while I sit & wonder & ponder the fate of the world,

I'd like to think we are more than little hairy animals

On the surface of a lost, spinning ball.