by Chronofus



Drift along a dewy hall,

Through the gardens by the wall,

Where the creepers mix and churn,

Near the water by the urn.


Under moonlit shades of grey,

Far from prying eyes of day,

As evening dims and closes,

Bow down to the Lady Of Roses.


Soft blush on dainty cheeks,

Hear the waterfall as she speaks,

The petals close, droop and still,

As the sun rises for the kill.


Watch her fade and turn to dust,

When the sun rises, as she must,

To walk in shadow and in gloom,

In the forest of her room.


To leave the world alone for the day,

To make us wait and silently pray,

That the world again will rise,

To shower me with her starry eyes.


The petals roll and start to open,

To leave me watch, silent and hoping,

She will but pause and bless a smile,

And stay and talk with me awhile.


To know her sweetness all replete,

To know her love all complete,

Before the nights stills, stops and closes,

I must see again the Lady Of Roses.