by Chronofus 12/12/1996


ĎCause I,m a man, Iím the destruction of the land,

Taker of the innocent, sacrificer of the lamb.

This worldís in my hand to crush and destroy,

ĎCause Iím a man the worldís a toy,

To play with for awhile,

And leave discarded in a rotting pile.


ĎCause Iím a man Iíll take the girl,

And make her an accessory in my strange world,

To use and abuse and discard again,

"Cause thatís the way we do it in a world of men.

We have no conscience, we have no care

Cross our path, youíd best beware!


Every sin, every little thing thatís gone wrong,

Every outcast whoís never belonged,

You can turn and say "Man, itís your fault!"

And then you complain my hearts in a vault.


Well may you wonder whatís happening inside,

When you tell me Iím part of a rising evil tide..

Everything I do seems to be a mystery to you,

Yet I canít see the logic in the labeling you do.

You donít know what Iím thinking, you say thereís no sign,

But itís painfully obvious if you care to take the time.

Does it really matter, your minds made up,

Iím the one who broke the worlds cup.


Iím a man, its my label for life,

Causer of pain, bringer of strife,

The beater and killer of my wife.

So Iím evil and bitter and twisted as hell,

A hollow metallic walking shell.

Youíve been warned, donít cross my path,

Or that action could well be your last.


Donít put out your hand Ďcause Iíll bite it off,

And every intelligent thought of yours, of course Iíll scoff.

Ha! Itís my job. Itís the way Iíve been trained,

My hatred and fears are unrestrained.


ĎCause Iím a man, the worlds gonna end,

And the innocent child, off course Iíll rend,

ĎCause every one of us, weíre from the same mould,

So donít say youíve never been warned, never been told,

ĎCause Iím riding the storm, coming after you.

Ha! Iím a man, itís what I do.

So cower in fear when I pass by,

"cause I bring with me your fears of the night.


So when I pass by youíd best be still,

And leave me alone at the top of a wind swept hill.