By Chronofus

It's just a small river that separates us,
A bare trickle, a hops skip and a jump.
A ford in dry times, a bridge in the wet,
Instead it has grown into an impassable barrier,
A gulf between us,
You may as well be an ocean - a whole world - away.

Our people stand on the edge of this watery barrier waving their hellows
Exchanging pleasantries,
Sharing the same customs, beliefs
Faith in what is fair and right.

And yet we are apart,
As neighbours, as cosmis souls,
We could walk hand in hand,
As allies, as friends,
As two entwined lovers smudging our borders.

But we sit across our border overlooking the flood of time,
Hands nervously fidgeting in our laps,
Instead of reaching out across our divide.
There is no walking together,
No joint revelry.
No exhange of ideas, of comfort, of support.

We may never have met,
For the air between us is a secret barrier to the ties that bind,
And we have drifted,
Out of each others sight.

Separated by a dream of time,
Into words of black and white.
Of what is yours, and what is mine.