11PM 14/5/1999

by Chronofus


Lonely castaway awash at sea,

Marooned in an ocean of eternity,

With her echo in my head that won't leave me be.

So I said come on friend,

Once again it's you and me again,

Abandoned out at sea to face the end.

We'll drift alone on the waves,

And say and do whatever it takes,

To keep ourselves afloat from our watery graves.

Nowhere to look back to,

Nothing around to remind me of you,

Nothing here but an ocean of deep, deep blue

Salty tears fall from my eyes,

Lost in waves of water rolling by,

Adrift on an ocean under a lonely sky.

Nothing out here for me to see,

Just watery reflections of you and me,

And a troubled broken heart for company.

Floating along, nowhere to go,

Wishing for a wind that just won't blow,

To take me away, carry me home.