8/12/1999 by Chronofus

The well of tears has broken open,

A little something was all I was hoping.

And now under a radiant sun I am drying out,

Unable to riddle what life is about.

I see there is a path I can follow around,

And the flow of traffic is a deafening sound


Yet somehow I find it too easy to believe,

That the road to follow is built to deceive.

For while it may travel on a meandering course,

And seem as random as my wandering thoughts,

And while it has no beginning and certainly no end,

It seems to go over itself time & again.


I've ridden this merry go round a few times before,

And it always leaves me weary & saddle sore.

I don't know if it was worth it, the price that I paid,

When on the ground my feet should have firmly stayed,

When I got nothing from it in exchange or return,

Except maybe a regrettable lesson I didn't want to learn.


So I've come full cirlce & back to the start,

And I've managed to grow a brand new heart.

The journey is calling, it's giving me a choice,

And it wants me to answer in a strong, clear voice.

I don't know if I can answer it yes or with no,

I've got no energy, no get up & go.


I see no reason to get up and be on my way,

When every year seems to be one long day.

OK, it's a road, that's the job it does,

To string together all my broken loves.

Well, let's get it over with, life has its way,

Give me a push start to get my under way.


I don't care where it takes me as long as it's home,

Because all I want is something of my own.