By Chronofus - 14/3/1998

Black water, grey streaked skies...
Bubbling, boiling, turmoil in the primal sea,
Demons rising, breaking free,
Taking over what once was me.
Winged vengeance, wrath on high,
Swooping down on clowns and pies,
Havoc, hue and cry..
Kiss your sweet tail, my friend, goodbye.
Waltz so gay in the sun,
Gaudy, showy and hollow,
I've found your shadow,
So pick up your feet, run, fool, run!
You've made a cross,
You've made a bear,
Slow plodding and unstoppable,
The bright feathers of your tail are flashing in the sun.
Rock, stone, broken tree,
The tools of vengeance open to me.
Rabbits are run underground,
Avert your eyes, here is the hound.
Baying at the monn,
Baying for blood,
Rivers are running,
It'll be a flood.
Windswept leaves,
Blowing in gusts,
Dancing in shadows,
Round the primal lust.
Pieces are broken,
Rent and gored,
Piled up high,
A macabre hoard.
In the forest a tree has fallen,
Silence of the unknown,
Gather round,
The end is callin',
Circles of shapes,
Witness the passing.
Some say it is a better land,
But remember, fool, judgement is at hand.
Sum out the total,
Weigh out the halves,
Burning on altars,
Like fatted calves.
My vengeance is over,
Your penance begun,
Lift up your feet,
Run, fool, run....