By Chronofus

21st October 2002

You are my first, my last,

My parts, my whole,

You are my east, my west,

My wings on the morning breeze.


You are my courage for the new day,

My comfort of the known,

You are the ember in my heart,

Promising to ignite with every passing breath.


You are the warm hug on a winter's night,

You are my fragrant burst of spring,

You are my rising sun, my shining moon,

The gentle summer rain on my growing love.


You are the strength in my hands,

The shoulder on which I cry,

You are all I can see, and all I hear,

You are every word upon my lips.


You are remembrance, forgiveness,

My instructor in the trials of life,

You are my drummer beating my steps to freedom,

You are the answer to my question.


You are faith, belief,

You are my delight and my passion,

You are the eagerness of youth,

My wisdom of the ages,


You are my angel, my guardian,

My port in a storm,

You are yesterday, tomorrow,

You are all I have ever known,


And of all things,

When I look to home,

You are there to say,

"I am here."