Someone Else's Clothes
1PM 21/1/2004
by Chronofus

If I had someone else's clothes, how much better could I be?
Why is there this expectation that I should be reduced to conformity?
If I've worn my heart on my sleeve, and admitted what was plain to see,
Why was there the fear that it was someone else I was trying to be?

So I took some interest, we danced our dance and played a merry game,
But now we've broken what should not be broken and will never be the same.
I've heard the whispers, and the shouts, yes I'm the one to blame!
The waves have washed away the shores, the Earth is not the same.

The sky is broken, split wide open, all the air has run away.
Were my clothes such an armour that I had to fight and stay?
Do you think the heart was worth standing for, after the pain I cannot say.
A tourney under empty skies, but you just came to play.

I took the field, made a goal, it was all a crazy dream,
My opponent was an illusion, it was not what it would seem,
A halo and an angel's wings, was this the best there had been?
Her clothes had me dazzled with their scintillating gleam.

Now I have walked away, my belly has run dry,
The Earth's teaming with rain, at least the sky can cry,
Oh, such a brave old soul, fairy tales say that you'll get by,
You just need to stretch out your wings and to the heavens fly.

Take comfort that you cannot fall any further than the ground,
And the braying of a wounded soul still does not make a sound.
Underneath the broken shell is a story to be found,
Agitation will make the pearl, a secret so profound.

You think it would have made a difference, another end to the story?
If you had been someone else, in all their phoney glory?
So don't dream of other clothes, that's not what you're meant to be.
If she never stops to look beyond, she just will never see.

What's the point of going through and having a stand up fight,
And you happen to win the day (I know you dream that you might.)
Then you find that you cannot hold onto the thing you're holding tight,
And all you feel is the realisation that you're falling from a height.

She too was an illusion, dressed in some one else's clothes,
Your love had blossomed on a dream, and it just grows and grows.
At least you know it's over, it's a consolation I suppose,
To see things as they really are, but is that better, who really knows.