By Chronofus 25/7/96


SPARK! and the world's on fire,

Red flames reaching higher,

Undergrowth, dry as tinder,

Burn my heart into a cinder.


Little ember, so weak, so strong,

So tell me where you came from,

I'd like to know, don't get me wrong,

I think you're as sweet as a song.


Red flash, through the night,

Something there just out of sight,

Hold on a minute, is this right?

I'm wrapped in flames I just can't fight.


Oh, such a tiny spark,

Flashing ember in the dark,

Shot straight out to hit the mark,

Flashing ember, how bright thou art.


Caught on fire, no where to run,

Instant fire like a ray of the sun,

Heat and warmth from a single touch,

Little ember, could you start so much?


Wrapped completely in a wreath of flame,

Nothing will ever be the same,

Little ember, what is your game,

I've burst completely into a ball of flame.


Nothing now but a burnt out shell,

Trapped here bound by your spell,

Smoke rising in little wisps,

Little spark is this all there is?


Waiting here for your return,

To start the fire and let it burn,

Darkness back, like an old friend,

Little spark start it all again.