I went down to the Royal Hotel

Found myself my favourite chair

Darryl's pouring drinks behind the bar

And my only friend's a square bear

I'm drowning in oblivion

Thinking about you

Dreaming about the past and all the things we'd do

I'm dreaming of a girl with stormy eyes

Dreaming of a girl with angel sighs

Dreaming of a girl who makes me high


Another black bullet, lodged in my gut

I gotta get out of this drinking rut

And start a new life, ah but

I got you, on my mind

A girl like you is so hard to find

But I ain't got no more words to rhyme

So baby just give me, some time


It's 10 o'clock already, and another bear is gone

The coke cans are stacking up, and filling up my song

I'm drowning in oblivion, thinking about you

Dreaming about the past and everything's we'd do

Everything we'd do


Darryl tells me to slow down, when the third bear is gone

But he don't know what you do to me, he don't know you're gone

How do I tell you I love you, even in this song

My hearts exploded and my whole world's wrong

I only know I love you, I love you


My fourth bear is gone, oh I gotta stop drinking rum

But now that you're gone, life just ain't no fun

I gotta drown my heart, I gotta drown my love

Someone's gotta help me, oh lord above

Someone's gotta find her, and tell her, I love her

And tell her I need her, and tell her that I'm waiting in a dark secluded corner

There's just me and a bear

And tell her that we, that's me, and the bear, that we care