Sun Spots

9th September 2002

by Chronofus

One step, two steps, three steps ... no more.

I have no idea where I'm going, but I can't follow the sun anymore.

Falling beyond the horizon is a feat I cannot match,

How could anyone on two legs stay warmed by its touch?

It's too damn unfair to be left behind on the ground,

With just fading memories of the light that I had found.

Horizon to horizon, dark ridges guard the sky,

And hold back the waves of tears I cannot keep inside.

Weighed down by walking with my feet upon the clay,

No amount of trying could help me hold onto the day.

From it's warmth upon my shoulder, its light upon my eyes,

Evening has drawn the shades and light has all but died.

And scattered through the heavens the faded points of light,

Of suns unnumbered winking forth with no competition from its light.

The land lies all in grey, with silver lining like the cloud,

But gone is the colour in love's lost gloomy shroud.

And rising up at last, journeying on as we must,

There is a pale reflection that carries on beyond the dusk.

For shining in my eyes is the light of the moon,

Giving me a promise that the sun will rise soon.