By Chronofus


I am the walrus, I am not who I am.
You've never seen me playing in the waves or on the sand.
So stand back and let yor feelings pass,
Let the sun shine down on you as you relax upon the grass.
Imagine I am there, or imagine I am not.
Who am I? I hear you ask. I can't remember, I forgot.
I am the walrus, or so the story goes.
I am the walrus, danicing on pointed toes.
I am the summer, I am the winter.
I am the wooden heart protected by jagged splinters.
I am the walrus, run, run, run!
I am the walrus, let's joust and have some fun.
Don't stand there staring, the world is moving on.
So I made a mess of things, don't we all get things wrong?
So too bad, I am moving ahead.
Going to take a deep breath and lay on the sea bed.
I am the walrus, just to be sure I don't forget.
I am the walrus beset by regret.
But no more for me the rusty sailors chains.
I'll whack you with a big stick to make my necessary gains.
So stand back & beware, I am the walrus.
I am the confusion, love & contemplation that lives in all of us.
Well, here I go, the journey is begun.
Wave your flippers as I fade away under a crying sun.