Eureka's 28mm Countess Sandra's 7YW Army

The Figures




Possible Fututre Releases

Historical Background

These figures were my brainchild back when the 100 Club first started at Eureka. It took a number of years before the project kicked off for no other reason than that's just the way it happened. They were based upon one of the Eureka lady pirates in tricorne, and along with my inspiration of Napoleonic Austria and their lovely women it all wrapped up neatly with 7YW Lady soldiers which could have alternate use as pirate hunting marines or early Napoleonic War Austrians. The figures also formed the basis for starting the pirate backgrounds I attached to other parts of this site. They are scaled to sit alongside my Front Rank Austrians though are more to natural proportions.

I have always referred to these figures as Countess Sandra's army, and in theory they are based on Austria in a general sort of way. Countess Sandra derived from the nick of a very kind lady I knew in South Carolina, who has a mythology all her own. I have no idea what Eureka may call the range, but to me they will always be Countess Sandra.

The Army of Countess Sandra

Here's my army based upon a Napoleonic Corps layout. This info is for my own use, listed here so I never lose it.

Guard Division (Infantry) (FM Natalia)

Advance Division (Infantry) (FM Zuzanna)

Heavy Cavalry Division (GdK Katerina)

Line Cavalry Division (GdK Viktorie)

Light Cavalry Division (GdK Sonya)

Reserve Division (FM Evelyn)

1st Line Division (FM Tyla)

2nd Line Division (FM Veronika)