Contacting Me - 23rd May 2003

I can be emailed here:

chronofus @ chronofus . net

or ICQ number 2758051

or on the forums at

I Do Not Sell Figures except for those listed on the Sale Page, or rule books or any other item on my site. I am a collector and very unwilling to part with my figures. If you are desparate for out of print items you will have to hunt them on ebay or in the newsgroups. My advice is to buy while you can, because items fall out of the market so quickly.

I do not buy figures from individuals as a rule due to previous bad traders, and I will not buy from out of the country where I have no opportunity to turn up on your doorstep.

For suppliers, clubs & manufacturers somehow associated with Australia, either being based here, or with an outlet here, I will do all I can to help you along with links, reviews and whatever else may be appropriate. My intent with the site is to make a place where Australians can at least find info about what's in the country, as so often information is hard to find except by accident. My focus is 25mm, but other scales can be catered for.

When emailing me, please use a sensible subject line. Subjects such as 'I found it' or 'You got it' or 'Where did you find it' and many other seemingly innocent subject lines get canned because I am overloaded with spam. I filter on the server by subject and email address. To make it easy for me, use a sensible subject line or I may unintentionally never answer you. Either that, or kill all spammers. I like that solution :P