Bibliography Last update 6th December 2003

Here follows a list of books I read and used to produce the rules and background information

I must acknowledge the amount of ideas Iron Crow's Rolemaster inspired for my rules, particularly the skill and combat tables results. This is much more so than the later Run Out The Guns, for which my box set was short the combat tables, and which I found very under detailed. Some acknowledgement must also be given in a slight way to the 1st Ed Dungeons & Dragons game for a basic grounding in FRP ideas.

I must also acknowledge the inspiration for the rules themselves, Eureka Miniatures range of pirates, especially the lady pirates sculpted by Neil Holloway of Shadowforge Miniatures. Thank you.

If you're trying to learn the historical side to piracy in the Caribbean in this narrow time period and are on a budget, there are only two books you need from the list below. They are chock full of information and cover most of what is written anyway. Those two books are Captain Johnson's Pirates, and Pirates of the New England Coast by Dow and Edwards.

Age of Sailing Ships by GPB Naish & Heather Amery 1976 ISBN 0-86020-023-X

Atrocities of the pirates by Aaron Smith 1824 ISBN 1-85375-233-9

Best Ever Book of Pirates by Philip Steele 1997 ISBN 0-7534-0103-7

Blackbeard the Pirate by Robert E Lee 1974 ISBN 0-89587-032-0

Buccaneers of America by Alexander O Exquemelin, translated by Alexis Brown 1969 ISBN 0-486-40966-X

Female Tars - Woman Aboard Ship in the Age of Sail by Suzanne J Stark1996 ISBN 0-7126-6660-5

General History of Pyrates by Daniel Defoe, edited by Manuel Schonhorn 1999 ISBN 0-486-40488-9

Heroines & Harlots by David Cordingly, 2001, Random House, ISBN 0-333-76373-4 A very good book on women and the sea in the Age of Sail. Enlightening without being overtly biased. The best book I have read on women at sea.

History of the Possessions of the Honorable East India Company by R Montgomery Martin 1837

Patterns of Pillage - A Geography of Caribbean Based Piracy in Spanish America 1536-1718 by Peter R Galvin 1999 ISBN 0-8204-5025-X

Pirate Ship by Angus Konstam 2003 Osprey Publishing ISBN 1-84176-497-3

Pirates by Capt Charles Johnson 1999 reprint ISBN 1-871592-36-4

Pirates by Douglas Botting/Time Life Books 1978 ISBN 7054-0620-2

Pirates and Plunder by Yaquinto Games (1982) Role Playing Box Set

Pirates and Privateers A.K.A. - No Purchase No Pay by Alexander Winston 1972 ISBN 0-09-906060-4

Pirates of North Carolina by Hugh F Rankin 1988 ISBN 0-86526-100-8 Division of Archives & History, North Carolina Dept of Cultural Resources

Pirates of the caribbean - Buccaneers, Privateers, Freebooters and Filibusters 1493-1720 by Cruz Apestegui 2002 ISBN 0-7858-1586-4

Pirates of the New England Coast by George Francis Dow & John Henry Edmonds 1923 ISBN 0-486-29064-6

Port Royal Rediscovered by Robert F Marx 1973

Sea Grammar by Captain John Smith 1627 ISBN 7181-0588-5

Sir Francis Drake by George Malcolm Thomson 1972Book Club Associates, London

Story of Sail by Veres Laszlo & Richard Woodman 1999 ISBN 1-86176-075-2

Wordsworth Dictionary of Pirates by Jan Rogozinski 1997 ISBN 1-85326-384-2

Worldwide Illustrated History of Pirates by David Cordingly + others 1998 ISBN 1-57215-64-8