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Piracy! 1713

Last update 5th April 2004

Piracy! is a set of rules I have written to play skirmishes, raids, battles, or naval conflicts in a 'fanciful' Pirate era roughly equating to the early 1700's [1713 or so]. I make no claims of strict historical accuracy in the gameplay in any way. These rules are heavily under construction and some links are still place holders, while most are general information. The asterisks are for my info, and relate to how completed that section is, 3 asterisks being finished barring small corrections or new information. No asterisk, barely started. Images where linked all open in the same external window except for the pirate flags. All links lead to pages of text, some quite long. All graphics are linked onto a separate window. These rules are punctuated with alot of genuine historical information. I hope it helps you to come to a better understanding of the Caribbean pirates.


***Background to Piracy! Why I wrote it and what it's about. 31st August 2001

Background Information

**The Pirates - the basis of piracy, the legalities 22nd May 2001

Pirate History - pre 1713 21st January 2003

***Pirate Flags - Examples of historical pirate flags, and naval flags. 6th September 2001

*Pirate Captains - some brief information on real life pirate captains not listed below 2nd April 2004

***Actual Pirate Ships - some brief info on real life pirate ships in the Caribbean in this period 28th December 2001

***Pirate Articles - Pirates specific ship board code 21st January 2003

*The Nations of the Caribbean their strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, armies, navies & colonies 13th January 2002

Slaves & Natives - run down on where slaves came from, what they did, what they didn't, and where they went to. A run down on the local inhabitants, what they'll do with you if they meet you

***The Treasure Fleets - a general discussion on them, plus mule trains 2nd April 2004

*The Ships - types of ships available, their capacities, guns, crews, strengths, weaknesses, what you'll find, what you won't 16th February 2002

*The Crews - the types of crewmen you can find, who can do what, who can't do what, how many you'll need, what you can expect from them, what they expect from you 18th May 2001

*The Crew as a Society - a discussion on the lives & interaction of the crew 13th January 2002

*Clothing - who wears what and why 15th May 2001

**Hand Weapons - a general discussion on muskets, pistols, swords, daggers, grenades, spears, pike, axes

**Cannon - a general discussion about cannons 6th February 2002

*Magic - the power of voodoo men and sea witches. Curses & jinxes. 20th August 2001

*Currency & Treasure - the nature of money, who wants it, who's got it, where it comes from, what types are there and it's impacts on inflation, greed and jealousy 2nd April 2004

*The Law - the general rules of conduct for men at sea to abide by as set by Governments, who set them, who enforces them, and the judgements expected 18th July 2003

***The Law of the Sea - the general rules of conduct for men at sea to abide by as administered at sea 18th July 2003

*Navigation - the basics of taking location sights, compasses, and maps 17th May 2001

*Trade, Cargos and Supplies what towns make, want, will pay for, will trade for, will steal, will ignore, how much they'll take 4th September 2001

*Towns, Villages & Hideouts - what's in them, what makes them grow or shrink, 23rd March 2004

Islands and Land Masses - generic descriptions, plus flora & fauna

Winds & Storms - the effects of winds & storms on your boat, and how to determine what's in store for you

The Basics Of The Rules - Mechanics

*Skills - A general discussion on the topic 21st May 2001

*Generating Your Captain - the basics of your character & skills in Piracy! 12th May 2001

*Generating Your Crew & Ships - what type of ship do you get, and how to pick and choose your crew 26th December 2001

*Example 1 Black Jade's Buccaneers & The 'Virtue' 13th May 2001

*Example 2 Wendy's Wastrels & The 'Peach'

Example 3 The town & fort of Flotsam

*Example 4 Tom Mallory's merchantman 'Bridesmaid'

Orders - how to convey your wishes to the crew so they can carry them out 18th May 2001

Ship to Ship and Ship to Shore combat - rules for combat between ships and other ships or shore targets using cannon. Details the effects on the ship, other cannon, and crews

Land Cannon vs Men Combat - the effects of cannon shot on men on land 16th May 2001

Musket vs men combat - shooting singly or in volley, with either musket or pistol, on land or at sea

Hand to hand combat - fighting up close and personal with a variety of weapons

Morale - making sure your crew continue to do either what you want them to do, or what they want to do

Command & Control - making sure your crew know what you want, or what your crew will do if they don't know what you want. Is this carried out under Orders??????

Ships & Settlements on Fire - the impacts of fire on board ships and in buildings, the spread and recovery from

*Ghost Ships - the ship of the dead 3rd April 2002

*Voodoo Ships - ships sailed by a voodoo priest and his zombies 20th August 2001

Common Land Animals - general information on animals 22nd May 2001

**Mystical Animals of the Sea - whales, squid, mermaids, sirens, albatross, serpents, kraken

Playing the Game - Single Play Sessions

Turn Sequence - The Application of the mechanics and time scale 13th May 2001

Ship Combat modifications - figure representation, movement ratio, range ratio

Skirmish combat modifications - figure representation, movement ration, range ratio

Campaign Play Sessions

Campaign Material - the basic concept 16th May 2001

Plunder - how to split your profits among the crew & captain, sailor compensation, and ship repairs 16th May 2001

The progression of ship & crew - fame & power, skill & ability increases

*Carousing, Gambling & Drinking - the point of piracy

Reputation - what is said about you due to your deeds 16th May 2001

Morale & Mutiny - Your crews ability to stay interested in the job, and you as captain. 16th May 2001

*Crew replacement & impressement, medicine, surgery and wound recovery

Ship repairing - hows & whens of ship repair plus results of

Colonial trade - the impacts of inter colony & inter continental trade on the type of vessels encountered, their cargo, and the emergence of war vessels, marines & forts

War - the impacts of your actions on either the flourishing or suppression of piracy or war

The changing face of trade - becoming a part time merchant, effects of cargos on ship performance

*Navigation - how to sail from place to place, the value of maps, mapping, and getting lost. How to determine the weather for the next sailing period.

Food, water & morale at sea - covers the rate of food & water consumption, the changing face of morale due to conditions, the ability to subsist at sea

*Commissions, Marques, The Navy, The Church - Being requested to perform deeds by government agencies or the church. 12th May 2001



Making Your Own Ships 3rd April 2002

Suitable Figures I own & Frothers.UK - Pirate Showcase (new window)


***Books I used and read to produce the information listed 6th December 2003