Roma's War Trophies

Last Update 25th June 2003

[Extracts from correspondence and meetings over the allocation of War Trophies to Roma. Italics are hand written, [square brackets] are my notes]

Form for allocation of War Trophies

Letter Accepting additional Trophies

Letter Accepting responsibility for transportation costs

Trustees Agreement

Meeting Of Council, Council Chambers, 30th June 1920, 7:30PM

From the Military Authorities advising that ONE GUN had been allocated to Roma. On the motion of Ald Care sec by Ald Ward. "The Mayor, Ald Miscamble and Mr P Robinson Trustees to receive the trophy allocated."

Western Star Neswpaper, 3rd July 1920

[discussion on prior council meeting] Queensland War Trophies Committee, stating the population of Roma supplied by the state representative is 3788, and were entitled to an allotment of one gun in connection with the distribution of German War Trophies - received. The Mayor, Ald Miscamble and Mr PS Robinson were appointed trustees in connection with this matter.

Western Star Newspaper, 9th April 1921

[discussing council meeting] Notice from War Trophy Committee, advising that one field gun, No 29, a war trophy. Captured by the 5th Light horse Regiment, has been forwarded to Roma. After some discussion it was decided to place the gun in the recreation reserve, as being the best place for the trophy to be seen by the public.